The truth about silicone hydrogel contacts – the new wave of high oxygen, high discomfort lenses

May 18, 2008

For the last year, I’ve been doing battle with Acuvue Oasys lenses. Optometrists and opthamologists have been telling me that maybe I can’t wear contacts anymore, maybe my lens cleaning solution isn’t right, maybe I should wear my contacts less. These were all interesting things to say, given that I’d never had any problems with eye irritation with my old Acuvue 2 lenses. I recently became aware that my story isn’t rare, and I found out some more with a little digging through medical journals that others in my situation might like to know.

Look into the research and you’ll see that the high-oxygen silicon-hydrogels (like Acuvue Oasys and CIBA Vision’s Focus) are really NOT all that they’re cracked up to be. That discomfort you’re feeling doesn’t make you weird or mean that you’ve not been caring for your contacts properly. Chances are, the contacts themselves are to blame. In one study of contact lens comfort, more than a quarter of people who had been using traditional soft contacts had experiences so bad with the silicon-hydrogels that they had to drop out of the study. These new lenses are certainly not ALL bad (my girlfriend uses them and is quite happy with them), but they are certainly not the holy grail of contacts the optometrists and relentless marketing campaigns would have you believe. They are expensive though!

Before the change to Oasys, I’d worn Acuvue 2 and regular Acuvue lenses since the age of 12. That makes 13 years of absolutely trouble-free use. Nary an eye-infection, nary a sign of keratitis. Nothing. I’d wear them for 18 hours of sports, studying, and all around living life. I’d worn them for extended periods around the globe and NEVER had a single problem.

The last year, I’ve been plagued with eye problems. Throbbing, burning, redness, dryness, expensive doctor visits, wasted time, etc. I thought maybe I’d reached an age where I was just getting allergies. No such luck, though wearing the Oasys lenses definitely give me seasonal-allergy like symptoms. This is a repeatable reaction. I have done some patient and extensive testing on my body’s reaction to these lenses, with yesterday’s test resulting in a pretty gnarly sinus infection with sore throat and headache this morning. Yesterday’s test makes all the symptoms of the last year make a lot of sense.

So I did some research so that I can go to the optometrist armed with information so he (or perhaps a new optometrist) can’t try to argue me back into getting these things.

All the big name companies will tell you that silicone-hydrogel is so much more comfortable and healthier for you than old style hydrogel lenses like Acuvue 2. It isn’t true for everyone. There are some studies that say, yeah, these are more comfortable and make a difference to the health of your eye, but they are often with a short term study window. My contacts were comfy for the first month or so, but I’ve realized that they had a big role in the sudden presentation of uncontrollable “seasonal allergies” last year.

So look at this study by the British Journal of Opthamology. This is a study the ads often quote as proving that these new-fangled contacts are better for you. They did a 12 month survey of all contact lens wearers who showed up with non-severe and severe keratitis (inflammation of the cornea that can lead to scarring and impairment of vision) in hospitals in Manchester. What did they find?

They found that nondisposable daily wear hydrogels (like acuvue2) had a non-severe keratitis (NSK) rate of 14.1 per 10,000 people. For their new-fangled silicone-hydrogel counterparts? 55.9! That’s about 4 times the incidence rate!

Extended wear hydrogels had an NSK rate of 48.2 per 10,000 people. Extended wear silicone-hydrogels? 98.8! Almost twice the incidence rate!

The study concludes that sleeping in contacts (extended wear) increases your chances of getting severe keratitis (SK), and that patients who sleep in them should wear silicone-hydrogels since the incidence of severe keratitis is much reduced that way. This is true by the numbers [96.4 versus 19.8] Of course, if you have twice the chance of having non severe keratitis, I don’t know how effective you can really say silicone hydrogels are at keeping your eye healthy.

Finally, I mentioned that short-term studies trumpet the benefits of silicon hydrogel without taking a long view of patient satisfaction. Well, look at a 6-month follow up study of 49 “successful daily disposable lens wearers.”

These people had been wearing regular hydrogels. 30 were switched over to silicone-hydrogel. 19 were left as a control group.

Here is a snippit from the results:

No substantial changes in subjective vision, refraction, visual acuity or overall lens comfort occurred for those completing the study, although five SiH (silicon-hydrogel) lens wearers did discontinue due to reduced comfort, eyelid problems or seasonal allergy. Contact lens induced peripheral ulcers (CLPU) were observed in three patients in the first 3 months in the SiH lens group and these were also discontinued.

So you had 30 people switched to silicon-hydrogel and 8 had to drop out within a 6 month window. 26.67% of the study group had to drop out due to discomfort/health issues. Within three months, 10% developed ulcers in their eyes directly related to the silicone hydrogel contacts! Even when you exclude the people who had to drop out because the lenses were too uncomfortable, there was still no significant increase in reported comfort from those who stuck it out!

It’s quite funny that the “official site of silicone hydrogel lenses” wonders aloud on its homepage “Why haven’t SiH contact lenses conquered the world (yet)?”

The simple answer is they are uncomfortable and cause all manner of eye problems. Apparently they haven’t read or are simply ignoring the research.

For more testimonials on the way silicone hydrogels have ruined the lives of people like you and me go to Straight from the Doc and view the comments below the entry.

See also: “Do it yourself kit for people whose optometrists won’t listen”


273 Responses to “The truth about silicone hydrogel contacts – the new wave of high oxygen, high discomfort lenses”

    • Angelaka Says:

      I see this is an older post but I just found it.

      My story is like yours. I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 12 years old.(25 years!) I started wearing the disposable Acuvues when the first came out. I would even wear them much longer than I should because I had no problems with them. I have had my eyes examined by several Ophthalmologists and there is nothing wrong with my eyes. They all say the same things to me as they have said to you.
      I NEVER had any issues until last year when I was switched from my old Acuvue 2 lenses to Acuvue Oasys for my Astigmatism.
      Yes my vision is excellent now since they are for my astigmatism and I was so happy until I began having allergy like symptoms.
      My eyes are fine it’s my eyelids that begin to feel like sandpaper. They become dry, bright red and swollen. Eye drops do nothing to relieve the pain and discomfort. Although my eyes feel extremely dry I get a gooey film on my eyes and when I remove it it’s sort of like a thin layer of skin has come of the inside of my eyelids. Gross!
      Thank you for the info provided here now I know what’s going on.

      • MMLowe Says:

        I normally use Acuvue 2, had to switch back many times. Yesterday, a new doctor had me try a new lense (silicone hydrogel), it made me immediately sick. I removed the lenses, and a day later I am still quesy.

    • Kate Says:

      I feel inclined to leave my story as well. I’ve been wearing contacts for thirteen years, since I was twelve years old. I very high script (before Acuvue Oasys, I was 8.0 and 8.50 in contacts), so contacts saved me from a lot of teasing and self confidence issues as a teen. I wore Acuvue Advance (non silicone) lenses for the past six years with no problems. Despite being in college/grad school and having poor wear and cleaning habits, I never had an eye infection or a problem.

      I started to experience some mild dryness a year ago. In my defense, I was finishing my graduate degree, so life was a bit busy and I was spending lots of time reading and using a computer and not sleeping. My optometrist told me my eyes were looking a tad hypoxic, and tried to get me into disposable lenses. Thinking she was trying to grab my money, I did some research and requested I get fitted for Acuvue Oasys, which seemed like a good choice for eyes needing more oxygen.

      They were never that comfortable, but I didn’t think much about it because of how great the benefits were. I thought I was really doing the right thing. For ten months I used the Oasys lenses and became religious about my wear time and cleaning. I continued to use Replenish solution (which, again, I’ve used for six years) with the Oasys lens for about 10 month before things went awry.

      My first optometrist scolded me and made me think it was due to my own overwear. Told me I would never wear contacts again, and should start considering Lasik (which, if any of you know, is NOT safe for someone with my high of correction). I was prescribed an antibiotic/steroid drop and sent on my way in a walk of shame.

      I got a second opinion from a optometrist who specializes in contact lenses. She was completely sure it was the reaction between Replenish and Oasys, which had caused some pretty wicked keratitis in both eyes (worse int he left. She told me research has been out on these two not mixing well for years (so if you are using Oasys and Replenish, quit now!). I got a different prescription steroid drop. She was sure I would be healed and back into contacts within 1-2 weeks later.

      A week later my eyes were still inflamed. Second optometrist called in an opth. who proceed to blame the solution and overwear (so, basically me). My vision changed drastically, by whole diopters.

      I was prescribed pred-healon, a prescription steroid drop with no preservatives. After two weeks of pred-healon, the inflammation was cleared up and I almost couldn’t’ believe my ears when my optometrist said I could get back into my contacts. I tried to wear them again (this time using clear care solution), but the problem persists. After about 6 hours, I develop redness in my left eye. After taking them out, my eyes continue to feel dry and bloodshot for days.

      I feel everyone’s pain out here – all of you who have worn contacts for years successfully only later to be shamed by optometrists who aren’t well researched in their field.

      I will be going back to the optometrist in a few days, and I will demand to be refitted in my old Acuvue lenses (the non-silicone ones). I only can hope that my eyes haven’t decided to permanently reject lenses. My correction is quite high, and for 13 years contacts have saved me from wearing extremely thick and heavy glasses with absolutely no peripheral vision.

      Having to wear glasses for the last 2 months has been a severe lifestyle change, not to mention expensive (with insurance discounts, I still have paid $300 for the cheapest of the cheap glasses). Again, because of a high correction, if I want the top of the line lenses with the thinnest amount of glass, they will have to be sent out for 1-2 weeks to be made. Because of my fast diopter change, I will have to buy ANOTHER pair of cheap glasses in order to have the nicer lenses put in (thank god for Lenscrafters – I recommend them to anyone as their satisfaction policies have allowed me to see these past 2 months).

      I have paid over $500 in medical appointments alone, not to mention 3 different prescription drops. I have a full-time job with the state and was promised “excellent” insurance coverage when I started, yet the bills are piling up FAST.

      Thank you for posting this, and thanks to all for the many agreeing comments. As many here, I would be interested in a class action lawsuit as my total expensive have reached $1,000 and the medical issue is still not resolved. I have lost significant vision as well, with of course the medical records to prove it. However, I’m 25, unassuming, and not incredibly knowledgable about how these things work.

      • Lindsey Says:

        I have been wearing contacts lenses on an extended wear bases for over 20 years with no issues. Recently, a new doctor fitted me for Oasys saying there were better for my eyes thatn the Acuvue 2 I have been using. During the trial pair, my eyes keep tearing up and would get swollen. The doctor told me that is normal and just my eyes adjusting to the increased oxygen. I decided to take his advice and order a year supply. Within one week of wearing them, I developed pain, extreme dryness and sensitivity to light along with blurred vision…One day I had to pull off the road and put on my glasses to make it home. I hear the Oasys work for some people but given all that I’ve read here, I think I will go back to my Acuvue 2 as well. I realize that you can have problems wtih any lense and some issues are caused by the patient. However, something seems not quite right about these lenses and probably not enought research to confirm the issues. Nonetheless, I am not willing to be a guinea pig.

    • Sarah Cooper Says:

      I have suffered badly having switched to fortnightly silicone hydrogel lenses (Acuvue Oasys) having had severe irritation along my eyelash line and eyelids for 3-4 months before finally getting to see an ophthalmic surgeon who diagnosed giant papillary conjunctivitis as a direct result of allergy to these lenses. A month of sodium cromogylcate drops followed by 2 weeks of steroid drops and now my ophthalmologist is reluctantly trying to find me non silicone lenses to wear – now just on an occasional basis. (I wasn’t about to try his suggestion of daily silicone hydrogel lenses – the surgeon advised against). Just hoping now that I can find something that suits.

      • Annette. Wofford Says:

        These people dont care they are doing this to human lives I don’t think. We matter to these people.

    • Evan Says:

      I agree completely with you on the issue of silicone hydrogel contacts. Recently I have been unable to wear them and my optometrist recommended changing solution until I told them I had inserted the contacts into my directly from the packaging. Then it was try these drops for $60 for two weeks ( no result ), try these other drops, which were stronger, for two more weeks! ( no effect ). Finally in the process of moving I cam across an old package of non silicone hydrogel contact lens from a discontinued model. ( Its a ciba focus 1-2 week lens that went out of production about 2-3 years ago ) Popped that sucker into the one eye that had constant irritation, no more issues. Been wearing for two days. Tried an experiment and stored the discontinued contact lens with my aqua view oasis (silicone) lens in the same bath. When I reinserted into my eye within an hour same irritation. Cleaned thoroughly and reinserted, no issues. Is the silicone hydrogel affecting my eye!? You bet! Currently searching for a non silicone lens, if you have any suggestions please reply! Good luck all!

    • Jayne Says:

      Question to all of you (and myself) WHY do we continue to use this brand? Isn’t the fact that they have handled this so poorly when they have obviously had evidence of this reaction since the beginning, and yet did not share with the public and eye doctors tell us that they are unscrupulous? What if we all determined that we would go with a different company until they handle this issue responsibly?
      Are they regulated by the FDA and if so has anyone filed a complaint with this agency?

    • a_name Says:

      I’ve worn contact lenses since I was twelve (so, almost 21 years). Never had any serious problems. I remember the “silicone” contact lens craze. It lasted two days for me. The first day, I made it two hours before ripping a pair of those painful lenses out of my eyes. It felt like I was being stabbed in the eyes. My eyes were fine after I popped an old set of Acuvue 2 in my eyes. But, my eyelids burned for the rest of the day. The next day, I tried the silicone lenses again. I made it thirty minutes before shaking my head and swapping those pieces of crap for Acuvue 2. Without a doubt– the most painful contact lens experience of my life. I’ll *never* wear silicone lenses! I’ll go back to glasses, first. I’ve heard complaints from every person who ever tried silicone lenses. Do they still make them??

  1. Jarrod Says:

    All wearers don’t have the problems you do. I love my Ciba Vision Night and Day lenses. It’s almost like getting Lasik for me. Pop them in and forget about my contacts for a month or more.

  2. Grace Says:

    I am currently recovering from a corneal ucler and non infectious keratitis due to contact lense wear (Acuvue Oasys). I was upset after I found so many people went through the same thing (via Straight from the Doc).

    I’m going to see an ophthalmologist soon and am hoping to get my vision back to normal.

    Any idea if there’s a class action lawsuit in the works?

    • EyeProfessional Says:

      The silicone in sihy lenses do at times cause allergies but the keratitis that you are talking about that results in permanent damage to the cornea is caused by contact lens neglect. Much of damage from contact lens wear is caused by hypoxic damage resulting from a lack of oxygen to the cornea in which the sihy lenses are far superior than hydrogel at delivering O2 to the corneal tissue so it is hard to believe that your eye care professional is only pushing the sihy lenses to make money when in all reality many patients do not know whether the discomfort is from hypoxic damage or a true ocular allergy induced by the silicone or a bacterial keratitis. A lawsuit is unlikely to hold up in court due to the fact that the majority of contact lens wearers are neglecting the procedure for contact lens wear and disinfection. For example, the protocal for disinfecting the contact lens case is to dump the used solution, refill with clean solution and scrub the eyewells with your finger to disrupt the biofilm, rinse with solution and let dry everyday. Not many people disinfect their cases properly everday let alone the contacts themselves. So it is hard to blame the contact lens companies or eyecare professionals for personal neglect of contact lens wear that can potentally lead to keratitis. Some patients do have sihy allergy and should wear hydrogel lenses but the same keratitis will result in either material if patients continue to neglect their wear and cleaning schedules.

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        You’re missing the stories of many, many people on here. The problem wasn’t even with lenses used too long. Many people experienced problems with fresh lenses that hadn’t even had a chance to have sanitation problems. Many even had problems when wearing for only a short period. It’s very easy to say “it’s user error,” but the overwhelming majority of the stories on here are of people who were conscientious and did everything they could to wear and care for the contacts properly.

      • Jayne Says:

        I am pretty sure my calendars of wear that I have saved may actually give the impression in court that I take very good care of my eyes, and the fact that you are assuming that all of us are naturally guilty of neglect simply because our contacts are causing eye problems is indicative of the fact that you are either a. a vendor of the contacts, b. an eye doctor or c. J & J. In any of these cases this would mean you are guilty of negligence or misconduct of a provider by attempting to convince us that if we simply take better care of our eyes we should be able to continue to wear these contacts even if they are causing our eyes damage.
        It is important in a forum such as this to be careful in regards to implications you make not knowing the others involved.

    • Annette. Wofford Says:

      I have been upset also. Most businesses don’t have ethics anymore its all about the dollar.

  3. studymyhealthhost Says:

    I’ve not heard anything about a class action lawsuit. I think lawyers interested would be well-served to find people who’ve had permanent damage, as their cases would be quite a bit more compelling lead plaintiffs. Those of us who’ve had to endure the constant appointments and copays and decline in quality of life will hopefully receive some kind of benefit.

    I have been recently switched back into my Acuvue2 after adamantly sticking to my guns with the optometrist. I mentioned the studies I’d read, and he responded that he’s seen no such problems in his private practice (he’s a big box optometrist). I prevailed upon him anyway.

    I’ve been reading up on silicone-hydrogels in terms of profit margins, and private-practice optometrists do like to gush about the extra revenue they’re generating from the silicone-hydrogels.

    • Melanie Says:

      That truly sickens me…I’m sitting here with double keratitis and worried I may have permanent damage. I wondered why he was soooo eager to push these on me! MONEY! Not to rant but…Honestly, it is hard to trust any medical professional these days. I always have to wonder about what sales rep may have been through their office prior to my visit.

  4. Angela Says:

    I’m having the exact same problem – red, painful eyes that are being treated with steroid drops. Very nice new dr. says: you can’t wear contacts anymore. After nearly 30 years in CL, I thought that sounded suspicious. I did some research and found the new CL I got just before all this started are the same CL same lenses so many people are struggling with: Oasys.

    I’m collecting info and going back to my doc. When my eyes are finally off the drops and my vision is totally back to normal, I’m going to insist we try a non-Silicone hydrogel lense.

    What’s really annoying is that I tried to tell my original dr. that I thought these new lenses were irritating, but he said that it was the solution. Two new solutions later and I was well on my way to my current state of inflamed, red, painful eyes.

  5. studymyhealthhost Says:

    My optometrist prescribed some steroids for the dryness and redness. I didn’t bother with them and am slowly allowing my eyes to heal. The redness is taking a while to dissipate, and the last time I wore the contacts was 2 months ago. When I was doing my experimenting back in January, it took about 4 or 5 months w/out contacts for all the redness to finally go away.

    I’ve gotten the doc to switch my prescription back to my old acuvue2’s since I never had a problem with them in the first place. He was extremely reluctant to do so and did mention “you might want to try a better solution.”

    I told him that I never had a problem with the solution with my Acuvue2s and that I was not amenable to the idea of of having to pay an extra $10/box for silicone-hydrogels plus an extra $3 or $4 per bottle for “a better solution” to supposedly make my more expensive contacts better. In any case, the Oasys contacts irritated my eyes straight out of their original packaging without ever having touched a drop of solution.

  6. Heidi12109 Says:

    I have experienced the exact same problems with the Acuvue Oasys contact lenses and I am currently trying to recover. My doctors have said the same thing – maybe you can’t wear contacts anymore, you wore them too much, etc. Apparently it was just the type of contact I was wearing. I am currently trying to figure out how to start a lawsuit against Acuvue. I think it is ridiculous that there is an eye product out there that is causing loss of vision for so many people.

  7. Dr. Everett Hyman Says:

    The red eyes patients get wearing contacts are mostly due to the person themselves and not the product. Does the patient rub the contact upon removal to clean them and change the solution daily? Does the patient use drops in their eyes occasionally while on the computer? Does the patient overwear the lenses-past the feel good stage…and just could not have a chance to remove them? Did the patient return to their doctor for the required follow-up visits? Did the doctor change the brand of contacts when the initial contact become uncomfortable in the first few minutes or hours? There are too many SH contacts on the market to cause this many problems. The manufactures are constantly changing the make-up of their own product. The Night & Day lens by Ciba is totally diferent now then first introduced…besides Ciba has an entirely new 30 day lens now …and nobody should ever sleep in their lenses and never for 30 night and days.

    • Andrea Says:

      I feel the exact same way. I had worn contacts for years until CIBA came out with their new silicone hydrogels. All of a sudden, bam, I cant wear them anymore. I believe people may be more sensitive to all these chemicals contact lense companies keep adding to contacts. It happens. And for the doctors who do not think that it does, they should not be in practice. It would be like doctors telling people who are allergic to things, that they are not allergic to them, that they are just doing something incorrectly. That would be wierd.

    • Upset Says:

      I had a bad reaction to these almost instantly upon receiving the new lenses, and I’ve only worn them for 4 hours a day and cleaned them with the proper solution. I will be notifying the FDA as my line of work includes getting 510k’s approved. The fact that I have blurred vision, bright red eyes, and light sensitivity is not right!

      • Frances Says:

        I have also been experiencing same problems for months and am very frustrated. I’ve switched solutions, Dr put me on steriods, I have worn contacts for 25 years without incident. I worn Acuvue, Acuvue2 and now tried Acuvue Oasys and back to Acuvue 2. I open a new pack and on day one, they become blurry, dry and my eyes are shockingly red after 4 hours. Something is wrong with either the new lenses or the solutions.

      • Frances Says:

        I also tried Cooper vision contacts – couldn’t make it though a month, they were worse, after about 2-3 hours of first opening a pack and non-stop use of eyedrops.

    • Amanda Reardon Says:

      I’ve just started wearing contacts again after oh I don’t know maybe 6 or 7 years and I had problems with dry eyes since the day I got my trial pair of acuvue oasis lenses 2 weeks ago. I’m using the reccomended solution and cleaning as the doc said. Just got switched to bausch and lomb pure vision 2 and still I have dry eyes. I just put these in at 245pm and my eyes are dry and fussy. So , why would I have irritation ? Can’t be user error there , 6 hours later.

    • mad max Says:

      You are a moron. I tried two trial pair of oasys and right away they irritated my eyes. I’ve tried other contacts before and the irritation was nothing like this. You are an idiot.

  8. studymyhealthhost Says:

    Doctor Hyman, I hope you understand that that attitude of blaming the patient is exactly what makes people like me look for ways to avoid doctors like you.

    Please take the time to read up on my personal experience with the unnecessary change to silicone hydrogels as well as the similar experiences of countless others. There are a lot of people out there who had no problems wearing hydrogel contacts, and after a switch to silicone hydrogels, had themselves a sudden diagnosis of “you can’t wear contacts anymore because YOU wore them too much.” I direct your attention, again, to the 6 month follow up study on the silicone hydrogels in this post as well as the article written by Dr. Brian Chou linked at

    While your input is appreciated, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the real suffering that I and many other patients are experiencing before you start laying blame on us. The research backs us up, and many of us are looking for answers rather than knee-jerk reactions that claim that it is user error. Such an answer rings quite hollow for those of us who recognize that optometrists take a cut off the sales price of a box of contacts. In case you are too lazy to read up, I’ll let you know that I had no problems for 12 years with my acuvue 1 and acuvue 2 contacts for anymore between 12-18 hours a day with multipurpose solution, etc. ZERO problems. My optometrist recommended the shift to silicone hydrogels and — lo and behold! — I got eye problems and can no longer wear contacts. The story is echoed all over the place. Do a little research and stop repeating marketing blather.

  9. studymyhealthhost Says:

    Also, I ended up having to see an opthamologist who concluded that there was something up with the contact lens right away. He recommended no lenses until the redness dissipated. My optometrist, on the other hand, tried to hit me with steroids and blamed the solution and me. I will grant you, of course, that perhaps my hygiene regimen wasn’t good enough for the demands of silicone-hydrogel, but I’ll tell you that my solution and my regimen — which had worked fine for years — stayed exactly the same after the switch.

    After you read Dr. Chou’s article, you tell me why anyone with no problems with their hydrogels should be told to switch to silicone-hydrogels.

  10. Dr. Everett Hyman Says:

    hello….first…I am sorry that you all have these problems wearing the new SH contacts, these are real problems and should be treated as such. However, why did you switch out of a successful product just to try something new? I would rather fight then switch!!!! There is a sort of new problem we are finding that does require you to be out of contacts for months and does effect your vision but does go away and you can return to contacts at a later time. The treatment is the new meds for dry eyes. Also, we are finding that once the red eye is gone, the patient needs to switch products…try a different contact. If the eye doesn’t like the new contact, the eye will turn red very quickly…in hours…so take out the contact and try a new lens….make your eye doctor work for his money…find a contact that you are comfortable with and will work..even if it take 3-4 brands….happens… dr H

    • Andrea Says:

      I did not have the option either way. One day I ordered new contact lenses and recieved a different looking box in the mail. Here CIBA had changed their contact lenses without notification and I was stuck with silicone hydrogel contact lenses that I paid for assuming they were the same as I had ordered before. I was tricked and figured out real quick these new lenses were not going to work for me.

    • Bethany Says:

      I have worn contact lenses since age 12 with no problems. When my eye doctor switched my lenses to the silicone hydrogel lenses a couple of years ago, after wearing them for a few days, my lenses would get extremely dry, hurt, and developed large white spots on them that blocked my vision and that could not even be removed by soaking the lenses overnight in Clear Care, rubbing with Opti-Free solution, or any other method. I took my lenses back to my eye doctor who said he had never seen anything like it, tried to remove the deposits himself and could not. I proceeded to try FIVE other brands of silicone hydrogel lenses and they all produced the same reaction. Sometimes it took a couple of days, sometimes a month, sometimes a week.He also had me try several different brands of solution, use Zaditor eye drops, Refresh re-wetting drops without preservatives, taking fish oil, etc. etc. Finally, after several months of trying lenses, solutions, and drops, he told me that I was allergic to the silicone hydrogel lenses and put me back in my old lenses, Frequency55 toric. I have never developed the same symptoms with these lenses.

      • Alyssa Says:

        Omg this is happening to be right now!!!!!!!! After just a week this white spot develops on one of my contacts and it doesn’t come off!!!!!! I’ve tired clear care, and many other solutions, drops, nothing works! I’ve used frequency55 toric since I was 12 years old I’m 25 now, and they never did this ever!!!!! this is the first time using these and this is happening! Ughhh so happy someone else has had this happen to them! I think I need to switch back!

  11. studymyhealthhost Says:

    My optometrist, like those of many other people, said that SiH would be better for the eyes because they encourage better oxygen-blahblahblahblahblah. Believing my optometrist to be relatively informed about such matters and generally trustworthy (as one hopes one’s health care practitioner is), I decided to try them, and they worked for 6 months. Then my eyes began getting redder and redder and redder then painful then quite bad. Of course, I didn’t think to blame the contacts because I had managed to wear them for 6 months without issue, and the optometrist called it “allergies” for which he prescribed some sort of eyedrop which didn’t help.

    I finally, with the help of an opthamologist, pinned it to the contacts and then, with research, discovered that SiH have a far higher incidence rate of eye irritating compared with their hydrogel counterparts (you can see those studies all over this blog). When I brought this up, my optometrist refused to even consider the very clear research data (akin to your knee jerk blaming of the patient) but did finally relent to putting me back in my old contacts when I pressed him to it.

    His attitude was one of knowing what’s best for the patient regardless of what the patient thinks, and while that may not be your modus operandi, the experience of many patients who’ve gotten SiH contact problems says that it’s quite common. The patients receive the blame and then steroids and finally the prognosis that they’ll “never wear contacts again because [they] wore the contacts too long or improperly.”

    It’s clear from old and new data that it’s not the patients so much as something to do with the SiH and its utilization in the real world. Whether it’s the material itself or the way it gets handled or mishandled as a result of poor product knowledge is up for debate. The fact that there are higher problem rates is not arguable.

  12. jen_h Says:

    I, too, have had the same problems reported by all those posters on the straight from the doc website – a corneal ulcer treated with steroid/antibiotic, then redness and pain, and the whole weepy/goopy/crusty eye thing. it seems that it’s far from uncommon.

    unfortunately, I have a year’s supply left and I’m only one month into wearing them. (previously I had worn rigid gas perms for over 20 years with zero complications.)

  13. studymyhealthhost Says:

    Many places offer a 3-month return policy on contacts. You may want to check that out!

  14. Ashley Says:

    Here’s my story. I started wearing contacts at 12 years old. I have never slept overnight in my contacts. Went from one month to 2-week Acuvue contacts over the years with no problems.

    Now 28 years old, went in to new Dr. who told me I hade been abusing my eyes for all these years and Oasys would be much better for oxygen-deprived eyes. Loved them for 8 months until I started to get permanant red eyes, discharge in my eyes each morning when I woke up, and blurry vision during the day. I also started to have discharge in the corners of my eyes during the day.

    I am the parent of an 18 month old and thought I was getting conjunctivitis from her through daycare. I would quit wearing my lenses and after a week or so, it would get better, but as soon as I would wear my lenses the symptoms would start again. Could only wear my lenses 2-3 hours a day and was using new pairs every 4 or 5 days. Finally I just could not wear them anymore.

    I got really worried and went to see my Dr. who said that sometimes people have delayed reactions to the hydrogel lenses. I wish she would have told me that when she encouraged me to switch along with signs to look for if my eyes were rejecting them.

    I switched back to Acuvues and my eyes started rejecting those contacts. I was so upset. I was told surgery was really my only option. I went without wearing contacts for two months and am now spending an arm and leg, but wearing daily Acuvue moist contacts and get along fine. I do limit the hours I wear them and am always worried that if my eyes reject these, I will have to get surgery. Glasses are just not practical for my lifestyle.

    Really weigh the options before you switch to a new lens if you haven’t had any problems in the past.

  15. studymyhealthhost Says:

    Always ask about the risks. It seems that silicone hydrogels are consistently talked up by docs and the very real potential downsides are never talked about.

  16. studymyhealthhost Says:

    Also, just to be clear, Acuvues are hydrogel contacts, and Oasys are silicone-hydrogels.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Ashley.

  17. Lexie Says:

    I have the same exact problem with my new oasys contacts. Eye docter said these would be a wise switch since I wear my lenses for long periods…now I cant even wear a contact lens for an hour without my eyes getting bloodshot and uncomfortable. Ive never worn glasses more in my entire life, then I have since I got on acuvue oasys. Its not right.. there should be a lawsuit to cover the damages done to peoples eyes by this product.

  18. Jim Says:

    Wow, I was running low on my Acuvue Oasys lenses and came across this site while looking for new ones. I never had contacts before and started out with silicone hydrogel 1 year ago.I would leave them in for 2 weeks straight. Sometimes my eyes would burn real bad. I thought it might be my allergies, but after reading these articles I’m thinking it might be the lenses. It seems like my eyes are dry all the time now. I did like how I could have 2 different lens. 1 for reading and one for distance. Now I’m not sure what to do. Also are ther any aftermarket companys that sell hydrogel cheaper, if I decide to go that way

  19. Carrie Says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! I started wearing the Oasys contacts a couple of months ago and have had what I thought was pink eye off and on over the past month. Suspiciously, no one else in my family caught it (I have 2 young children) and I haven’t been around anyone with pink eye. After the first bout, I wore my glasses for 2 weeks to let my eyes recover. After almost a week of healed eyes, I went back to my contacts. Lo and behold, 2 days later and I have “pink eye” again…I am convinced now that it is the contacts. After 20 years of no problems with my soft contacts, I find it highly suspicious that I’m having problems now. I’m calling my optometrist tomorrow and insisting that I return to using Biomedics 55 lenses. Hopefully I haven’t permanently damaged my eyes. They should take Oasys off of the market.

  20. studymyhealthhost Says:


    You can always get different lenses for different activities in a regular hydrogel. My hydrogel acuvue2’s were only $15/box compared with the Acuvue Oasys at $25/box, so you’ll almost definitely be saving yourself some dough and some eye problems if you go with the hydrogels.

  21. kcflorida Says:

    I have worn soft contact lenses for over 35 years with no problems. Switched to the Silicone Hydrogels Accuvue Oasis in the Right eye only. 2 months ago, Blepharitis, Giant Pupilary Conjunctivitis developed in the Right eye only. Spent well over $600 in RX, beginning with family M.D., then Optometrist, now being treated by Opthalmologist. No insurance, of course.
    The conjunctivitis continues. One can only use steroid eye drops for a limited duration, yet the redness, dryness, discomfort continue. It is doubtful I will ever be able to wear contacts again. Oh yeah, I finally broke down 2 days ago and spent over $800 (no insurance)on new progressive eye glasses since I can’t wear the old SV glasses that I used to wear in the late evenings. I feel like I was used as an unsuspecting, unaware lab rat. Let me know when and where to sign up for the class action law suit.

  22. studymyhealthhost Says:

    You may want to check out for cheap eyeglasses. I’ve gotten myself a few pairs for different uses, and I’m pretty sure they do progressive lenses but you’ll have to double check.

    It’s been about 4 months since I last wore any contacts, and my eyes still get veiny randomly throughout the day. Funny that the optometrist said that Oasys was supposed to help reduce the appearance of veins due to contact lens wear.

  23. […] Newer Contact Lenses Don’t Cut Infections, studies (that have been sited in previous posts here and here at studymyhealth) have shown that silicone hydrogel lenses are NOT the holy grail they […]

  24. Nick Says:

    Thanks for a great post mate. I’ve been out of contacts for a few years after wearing B&L purevision 30 day contacts for about six months (after a decade of hassle-free contact wear). At the time, the lure of contacts I could sleep in was too great.

    Now I can’t wear contacts at all, and I need wetting drops in my eyes every morning when I wake up to stop my eyelids feel like sand paper.

    Yet the other day, I wandered into the optometrist to see if there were any fancy new lenses on the market that might be worth a try. I was told about silicone hydrogel lenses. After a bit of surfing (through a bunch of hype) I discovered your article. So I looked up the B&L Purevision lens, and lo and behold it’s listed as a silicon hydrogel. It appears the fancy new technology may have been what screwed me in the first place.

  25. Dave B Says:

    THANK YOU, for this post. Glad to hear im not alone with this. Same story as everyone else…Acuvue2 hydrogels for 15 years then switched to “better for your eyes” SiH Acuvue Oasys. Red circles around my Iris would show up after jsut 2 hours wearing these. I had a delayed reaction to the silicone as the first 4 months were just fine…still deciding what to do while wearing dork glasses.

  26. Sarah Says:

    Add me to the list. Years of Acuvue2, even sleeping in them on occasion, not a single infection. After over a year of Oasys with increasing irritation, dryness, haziness, goopy eyes, GPC, I’ve had it. There are just too many people with the exact same story. I think my vision has deteriorated — I now can’t see very well at night with my glasses, and I can’t imagine the damage I’ve done to the delicate skin around the eye from all the rubbing and irritation.

    I tried every solution on the market, and nothing helped. I even tried a competitor’s silicon hydrogel lens — no relief there as well. I just hope there’s no permanent damage; my sincerest sympathies for those who do.

  27. Cody Says:

    I’m squinting to read this page as I post to report the same problems I’m finding everywhere googling “contact lens allergy” and “silicone lens allergy”. Interesting how every single page repeatedly mentions the Oasys contacts.

    I just got back from the doc 2 days ago to renew my prescription and he told me to try Focus Night & Days and some Air Optix type and report back in a week.

    (I wore the Oasys before and had all these problems so he suggested these other types).

    I used to be able to wear my soft lenses for extremely long times – as if they were never in my eyes. I could literally forget I had them in. Now after Oasys, Focus Night & Day, and the Air Optix lenses, I can’t make it a few hours, let alone all day. Heaven forbid I forget to take them out at night…I wake up with my eyes practically glued shut from all of the gooey mucous and crustiness.

    I’ve had them out for an hour now and already my eyes feel better.

    Hopefully my eye doc will be able to recommend a non SiH lens that I can wear that won’t attack my eye like these last few brands.

  28. Helene S. Says:

    Is there any word on a class action suit regarding these lenses?

    My daughter experienced identical problems as described here after switching to these early last summer. She had been wearing contacts for 7 years prior with absolutely no problem.

    Please let me know!

  29. Kara F Says:

    I am having the same problem and of course the doctors say it is my fault or the fault of the solution as with everyone else’s experiences above. This has been with both Acuvue Oasys AND Acuvue Advance with Hydroclear.

    One thing I am noticing is that no one has mentioned something I have been experiencing. Sometimes, actually most times, when I take my contacts out I cannot help but rub them because they hurt SO much and I am actually having layers of tissue come off from my eyes. Am I the only one this is happening to? It happens even if I lightly scratch the lid rather than harsh rubbing. This above the redness, irritation and goop is concerning me the most. Especially now that no one else seems to have that extra problem.

    I want to switch lenses but unfortunately I don’t have insurance as I moved to a different state and got a new job, so I have to suffer for now :o(

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Are you using eye drops? I noticed that when I started using eye drops to try to remoisten my eyes (STILL AT IT AFTER ABOUT 8 MONTHS OF NO LENS WEAR), I would get a lot of flaky stuff around my eyes. I don’t use drops that much anymore, so it’s not as big an issue, but it has happened during periods of heavy eye drop use.

  30. Heidi12109 Says:

    I posted on here several months ago about how I had experienced the same problems as others. I never did find a class action lawsuit, but I did call Acuvue and got them to refund me for a year’s supply of the Acuvue Oasys contacts. I had to be firm with the lady, but sure enough a check for about $175 showed up in the mail. It was good to at least get a little something back for all the trouble I had with my eyes. At least a start.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      What did you say to get that check? Did you submit receipts? Might be a good way for everyone to attempt to get some resolution.

  31. lawoffice Says:

    In response to the posts about lawyers “finding people” (July 5) and hearing about a lawsuit: I am a lawyer and lawyers are not allowed to find people for lawsuits. It’s called ambulance chasing, or at least that’s how it started. We can place ads, but if you get a phone call from a lawyer who wants you to sue someone, they are breaking the law and you should probably not hire that person. If everyone waits to “hear about” a lawsuit, no one is ever going to hear about it because it will never get started… you will have to call lawyers and talk to them about it.

    I started getting allergies (or whatever) about a year ago. It got to the point where I couldn’t wear lenses at all. I was wearing frequency 55. I don’t know if contact lenses caused it but I do know that I have been using Patanol drops and after months of no lenses, I still have dry itchy eyes at night and in the morning. I’m glad I read this site because I was thinking of switching to the oasys lenses to see if that would work.

    By the way, I never wore them overnight and always cleaned and stored and replaced them properly. So its not me.

  32. Alma Says:

    Oh my God, I thought I was going crazy. My doctor also convinced me to switch to these absolutely horrible silicone hydrogel lenses. I noticed I would get a runny nose & itchy eyes everytime I wear them. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve been crying for hours. I never had problems with Acuvue 2. I’m glad to know it wasn’t me. I will be calling the doctor tomorrow and demand to be switched back.

  33. mimi Says:

    Glad to know I’m not crazy. My doc, who has fitted me for lenses successfully for 30 years, gave me a new Oasys toric yesterday. Last night, I felt like my eye was going to burn out of the socket. Itching, tearing, redness, you name it. I took both lenses out–the other is a Night and Day and very comfortable, no problems–and let them soak overnight. I wore glasses for most of today. Put both lenses in tonight at 9:30 to go out and meet friends. Three hours later, my left eye is fine, and my right eye is watering, red, and on fire. I could barely see to drive home because of the tearing and pain. Guess who’s getting a call at the crack of dawn tomorrow?

  34. Val Says:

    My experience sounds very similar to all of the ones described above, but it happened after switching from Preference toric to Proclear toric lenses. Has anyone else had the same symptoms (itchy, dry, red eyes) after wearing CooperVision Proclear toric lenses?

    I’m amazed to find so many people who are describing the same problems. My switch to Proclear lenses came after I moved to a new city and found a new optometrist. I wore Preference toric for 10-15 years without any problems but was told these would be even better. After a month or so of wearing them, my eyes became very dry, itchy and red. I was told I had an infection and was given Vigamox. I stopped wearing contacts for about six weeks and it cleared up. When I started wearing them again, I had another reaction and was given Tobradex.

    A few months later, I saw an ophthalmologist, who said I had allergies. I’m currently taking Cromolyn, a mast cell stabilizer, to treat the allergy symptoms, but I still have trouble wearing contacts for an extended period of time. I was beginning to suspect that I was allergic to the contact itself and reading your posts lead me to think that I should insist on returning to my old brand.

    I would love to know if other contact lens wearers with astigmatism have had problems with Proclear lenses and if it cleared up after changing brands.

    • Chris Says:

      I wore contacts 12-14 hours a day, never slept in them, since 2002. In June of 2008 after my eye doctor told me that I have been abusing contact lenses, she prescribed me Acuvu Oasys, which were breathable…magical..etc. I could wear them for more than 8 hours without my eyes getting blood shot and then my eyes rejecting them. I started waking up in the morning with blood shot and mucus filled eyes. After a month of this, I took them back to the eye doctor and got put into CooperVision Proclear Toric. Since then, I continue to wake up with blood shot eyes, my eyes got dryer and dryer over the course of two years and now I can no longer wear contacts at all.

      Has anyone here had any problems after suspending use of the Oasys lenses?

      Has anyone had a problems similar to mine w/CooperVision Proclear?

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        Since Acuvue Oasys, I can no longer wear contacts longer than about 5 hours. 1 out of every 5 times, one or both eyes will be bloodshot by the end of that 5 hour stretch.

    • RDVOLE Says:

      I have worn contact lenses since 1974 and have never had this type of painful and allergic reaction to contacts until PROCLEAR TORIC lenses. They tried to tell me it was due to my dry eye. Well after having to put cold presses on my eyes to reduce the swelling and burning and not wear my contacts, most of the symptoms have greatly subsided. Why are these doctors allowing us to damage our eyes before admitting that we are allergic to these products?

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        I think most of them have just grown too trusting of the B.S. the manufacturers are feeding them. Too bad the risk of lawsuit probably isn’t high enough to warrant them pulling these wretched things off the shelves.

    • Susan Says:

      Any third generation contacts with silicone hydrogel could possibly cause similar no matter the brand.

      Like others I was introduced to the new contacts (Oaysis) by my optometrist which I’ve used for 11 years. He’s fantastic and I have always appreciated his knowledge, helpfulness, and insight. Because more oxygen is always better for the eyes and these contacts should be more comfortable he switched me from my old contacts. He has always instructed me to never use anything but sterile saline to clean my contacts with and for storage in the fridge. I have never had an eye infection or any eye problems until this past year.

      For the past 6 several months I noticed my left eye was feeling like it had a lot of pressure and pulling sensation followed by headaches. It was not comfortable. My left eye would tear from time to time, and I had noticed my vision was no longer clear in my left eye (when I took the vision test for my drivers license renewal it was blurry though I could read it) and I’ve had allergy symptoms of stuffiness even though I have no allergies.

      I figured it was time to set up an appointment since I was on my last pair of 30 day contacts. After getting an appointment with my optometrist, he found that I had picked up a significant (7 clicks when before I had none) non-permanent astigmatism from being irritated. So first we tried a new pair of contacts, then we tried steroid drops for 3 weeks with no results. Yesterday, he changed my contacts to a contact lens without silicone hydrogel. I have to say I’m amazed already by the change and it’s only been one day. Today is the first day in months that I have not had pressure in my left eye and my day did not end with a dull headache. I’m thankful my eye doctor has seen a couple of other people with the same issue and even though he thought it was a long shot decided to grasp at straws and switch me out of the Oaysis. I am so excited and am SO looking forward to my next appointment in a month to see if my astigmatism is disappearing. 🙂

      Best wishes to you all and good eye health! Find a doctor who supports you. You are not crazy!

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        Thanks for sharing your story, Susan! Good to hear that the word is spreading to some eye docs!

  35. Nicholas Heath Says:

    Same story. Have been wearing contact lenses since 1978. One of the first patients to have soft contacts lenses in the UK. After some initial problems have never had a single problem until today! Guess what — my optician prescribed Acuvue Oasys — I didn’t notice it was different until it was on my finger but thought it must be ok. This morning — did not sleep in them — never do — my eye itchy and looks like it has a blister/ulcer next to iris. Never seen anything so scary at all. Then I find literally hundreds of blogs saying the same. 31 years no problem — 1 day on Oasys big problem. SOMEONE has to take responsibility for this. This story is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

  36. John Says:

    I’ve worn contact lenses since 1979, myself. There was a stint during that first year, and into the 1980 that I had a severe reaction to an Alcon contact solution (I believe it was) that turned the whites of my eyes beet red from infection along with horrific tearing and light sensitivity. I would find out later that the product was pulled from the market. It had some kind of mercurial ingredient. If there was a class action lawsuit about it, I wasn’t involved, as I just let it slide by because I was young and uninformed.

    I’ve maintained a regimen of yearly replaceable daily wear contacts in the following years with little to no discomfort until last year when I was directed to the Oasys Acuvue’s with the senofilcon-A material. With these lenses I’ve experienced a repeatable allergic reaction to the point of severe itch, dry eyes and clouded vision up to two weeks after discontinuation of use. These lenses boast that they’re designed for comfort but they fused to my eye routinely. I had to go through a series of checks and balances before I was convinced that Oasys Acuvue with senofilcon-A was to blame.

    I’d appreciate any information there is concerning a class action lawsuit. I’d like my money back and some an eye screening to test for any related complications.

    The makers of these contacts appeared to be systematically edging yearly daily wears out of the picture in favor of getting everyone signed up on a routine payment plan for disposables. I had noticed that the old yearly replaceables had gone up in price, and just simply yeilded to highly recommended and ‘smarter’ option of the Oaysis Acuvue disposable brand.

  37. maria Says:

    This is a very interesting post. I am trying to figure out if something in Si Hydrogel contacts is bad for me. I woke up after a night of use and found out I had keratitis. Your eyes aren’t supposed to be more messed up after going to the eye doctor. So far things are okay but I am wondering if I should or should not try another pair of these lenses….

  38. samuel Says:

    i am beginning to believe that my acuevue oasys are the root of my own problems. a few months ago my eyes started getting bad, and i stopped wearing the acuvues for a while until everything was okay again. then i started wearing the acuvues again only when i want to look better. but if i wear them for more than a few hours my eyes get VERY irritated and i have to stay away for a week or more. it really is disappointing as before the past few months i have worn contacts for about 15 years with no problems at all. oddly, the oasys were GREAT for a long time, maybe 1.5 years, before things went south. i wonder if there is a hypersensitivity reaction going on in there. perhaps it just takes one bout of serious irritation and then you are screwed for life. sigh…

  39. Carlos Says:

    It’s great to have come across this BLOG!!!! I’ve been using contact lenses for about 3 years and from my personal experience I haven’t had any problems or discomfort with prior contact lenses. Then in January of 2009 I went to my eye doctor for my annual check-up ,following my check-up I was sugggested by my Optometrist to try Acuvue Oasis for Astigmatism. The Doc said that they would be great for my eyes because the lens had a new material which would allow for my eyes to breath better.
    For the first couple months they felt alright nothing to much different from the contact lenses that I had before, but after 3 months my eyes started to get really irritated and currently when I wake up my eyes are all crusty. I even have a hard time with my right contact because of the fact that my lens will not stick to my eye, it seems as if it sometimes gets gripped by the bottom side of my top eyelid.
    I would say that I have done a pretty good job with my eye care, I always wash my hands before I take off my contacts, change my cases regularly, use Aquify lens solution, never use my contacts for more than 30 days. So after all the issues that I’ve had with these Acuvue Oasis for Astigmatism I’ve decided to just go with eyeglasses for a while and also change my contacts to another brand.

  40. Kris Says:

    Last Friday, I went to see my doctor to get a contact lens prescription (first time wearing contacts after 2 years of wearing glasses). He gave me a free trial of the Acuvue Oasys with Opti-Free multipurpose solution. I tried them on and felt fine for the first 3-4 hours. The next day, after wearing them for 5 hours, my eyes were totally bloodshot! I thought that my eyes were just not used to wearing contacts and would get better after regular/continuous wearing, but I am very glad to have found this site. I’m back to glasses for now until I find a more compatible contacts. 😦

  41. Eric Says:

    my story is almost identical to your story and everyone elses im reading. I wore acuvue2’s forever with NO problems (8 years). Then my doctor said to try oasys, and my lenses got sticky, my eyes got pussy, and eventually i started getting massive eye strain and headaches- which was eventually due to GCP. The doctors all gave me the same poodle show- firs tgiving me a 5 minute verbal comercial for lazik- then teling me i had alergies that i randomly contracted alergies, or that sometimes in life you wake up and you are allergic to contact lenses. WTF so after spending tons of money on medications and new contacts and several expensive visits to 2 eye doctors; to this day i have problems with all contacts i wear- even switching back to the old acuvue2s.

    THANK god for the internet and sites like this. We are supposed to trust our doctors in helping us out, not closing a blind eye and consciously allow their patients get sick over and over. and talk about NO corporate responsibility- how can they release contact lenses that make people have eye ulcers? Its time to call the lawyers, if anyone files a class action suit im right behind you brother

  42. Amy Says:

    OMG!!! This is EXACTLY what I’m going through with my dailies and coopervision ProClears! I’m off to an opthalmologist on Monday armed with this information. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  43. anony Says:

    Wow, this is my story too. I wore contacts from age 14 to 25 with NO problems at all. Then all of a sudden, I developed viral pinkeye… again and again and again, until it turned into something else, and now I’ve been told by two different eye doctors that I will never be able to wear contacts again, since even the “best” contacts out there don’t work for me.

    Well I hadn’t thought about it until reading this blog post, but my eye doctor had switched me to a new brand of contacts a few months prior to all of this madness, and I still have all of the boxes in the cabinet underneath the sink… and they are Oasys brand.

    Are there ANY success stories from switching back to an old brand?? I can’t stand the thought of wearing glasses for the rest of my life. I even went out the other day and bought new “stylish” frames, which helps, but I still would do just about anything to wear contacts again.

    The worst part is both doctors say I can’t wear contacts ever again, but never give any good reason why I wouldn’t be able to after 11 years of success with them. “Oh, your eyes are just saying, ‘I’m tired of wearing contacts!'” That doesn’t even make sense.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      As of late, I’m now able to wear my Acuvue 2’s for a maximum of about 4 hours at a time without ill effect. I put them on only for when I’m going to train or play sports. That’s a big improvement over not being able to wear them for even 30 minutes!

  44. Wendy Says:

    I wish I’d seen this blog sooner. I switched to the oasys a year ago, and have been fighting ulcers in my eyes for the past 6 months. Bacteria, poor care of contacts/cases, overuse, and seasonal allergies were always blamed. I’ve spent hundreds in doctors appointments, medicine, and various treatments trying to clear this up.

    Before I switched to oasys, I’d been wearing contacts for almost 20 years without any problems at all.

    I’m furious!

    I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist tomorrow. You’d better believe I’m going to be talking about this.

  45. jon Says:

    i am really upset i never read this post before i tried a 30 day SiH. i was told my eyes were too red and the first couple of weeks i noticed a difference. i used the same pair for 30 days, taking them out a couple times a week to sleep. after a couple of weeks, my eyes looked as red as they always were but when i say red, it’s very minor – my eyes were never completely white ever since i started with daily’s 15 years ago.
    anyway, after 3 weeks i called my doctor and said look, these lenses you gave me feel ok, but not quite as comfortable as my accuvue 2 weeks. i wanna stick with my accuvues. so we ordered them and when i put them in yesterday all hell broke loose. my eyes are .. can i curse?.. killing me right now. i have all that goo and muck in my lashes, it hurts to blink, they aren’t swollen but ache around the eyes, especially under the lower lash.
    i have a huge tennis tournament coming up and if this doesn’t get better i am screwed.
    is there any hope for me?!!!!?!??!
    someone please tell me i will be fine

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      The only thing I have found that helped was putting warm compresses on my eyes several times a day. I’ve recently moved to a warmer climate, and my eyes seem to have responded well (meaning I can wear my acuvue2’s for longer periods but nothing like before). Obviously I’m not a doctor, so this is all “at your own risk” but see if warm or cold compresses might help. The other thing that sometimes helps my red eyes is a tiny smidgen of olive oil smeared just under my eye so that some of the oil gets onto the eye. I found that home remedy on the internet but it apparently causes intense burning for some people (not sure if it’s person or brand of olive oil dependent).

  46. Steph Says:

    My eye doctor just put me on Oasys Hydraclear’s this week. I’ve tried them off and on 3 times and each time for only five hours or less max. My eyes ache and sting. I’ve worn contacts for over 20 years. Never had a problem like this. They were highly recommended by the optometrist but the office also advertises only Accuvue products. I’m going back on Monday. Try a non-silicone brand for a week. See what happens.

  47. Melanie Says:

    THANK YOU for this blog! Wore Acuvue Advanced for Astigmatism for three years – no problems until about 6 months ago. Started noticing pain and burning. Went to eye doc three weeks ago and he was very demanding to switch me to Oasys. Since then I have had my eyelids stuck together each morning, can’t take the dog outside because the pain from the sun was overwhelming, burning, pain….Went back to him and I have keratitis. He just “can’t believe it would be the oasys lenses”… said it’s a virus I have and to wear my glasses for a week and to check back with him. I will be finding a new doc. p.s. I wore soflens66 torics for 10 years before Acuvue Advanced and Oasys. Never had a problem not ONE….

  48. studymyhealthhost Says:

    Good luck, Melanie. I started shopping around for an optometrist who wasn’t just pushing the latest greatest product too. I gave up pretty quickly when the first one I talked to about silicone hydrogels started into the marketing spiel about “more oxygen” and “fantastic for dry eyes.”

    I’m moving to a new place, and I hope I’ll have better luck in my new locale. The healing process is long, but my eyes do seem to be able to tolerate my old Acuvue2’s for periods up to four or five hours now, so I remain cautiously optimistic.

  49. Frances Says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who has experienced these problems with Oasys. I’ve been wearing contact lensese for 15 years and never had any problems before. I’ve been using Oasys for the last 6 months and I’ve been hating it. My previous Acuvue 2 lenses were so much better than these. My optometrist had also prescribed Oasys because they would provide more oxygen to my eyes but I think the only thing they have done for me is cause me to run back to using eyeglasses – which I’ve done on several occasions because the Oasys lenses had become so blurry. Even after frequent cleaning I’ve discovered that these lenses don’t stay “clear” for very long and are prone to protein buildup. It seems like the the only solution was to replace my contacts with a fresh pair every three days – but with Oasys being more expensive than my previous Acuvue 2’s, who has that kind of money! I’m definitely switching back to Acuvue 2s at my next Eye appointment.

  50. AS Says:

    Hi, the same issue here. I was using BL monthly disposable for 6 years with no issues. I switched over to BL Purevision(silicon hydrogel) last year and after three months of wear, I got an infection with redness and crustiness in my right eye. I was off contact lenses after that. Doc was saying that it is because that I was wearing lens for too long. I was struggling with infection post my SH lens wear. It’s a wonder that no one has filed a lawsuit till now against the companies that make silicon hydrogel lenses and the doctors who prescribe them for all the damages that they do to people’s eyes. They are not doing extensive research for a long time before releasing the product to market and they use us as the lab rat. This needs to be STOPPED.

  51. Kyle G. Says:

    I tried Acuvue Oasys and Cooper Vision Biofinity Lenses after using Proclear Biocompatibles for several years, both of the new lenses (Silicon Hydrogels) were fine for the first 1-3 weeks and then irritation started to become unbearable, I beleive I have an allergic reaction to these lenses, the doctor wanted to switch me to yet another silicon hydrogel lens, luckily having a background in chemistry told him I wanted the Proclear lenses back, and within 30 minutes of switching the burning sensation went away, my eyes cleared up from being almost completely bloodshot, the mucus went away and eye strain vanished, I will never try these lenses again in any form, I think they are toxic the the human eye, or at least mine I am sure of. If you are experiencing these symptoms I can tell you Proclear Biocompatibles work the best for me, they have a Phospholipid coating on the lens which is the same chemical present in normal human cell membranes. Good luck im lucky not to have the ulcers that others have, but i think i was pretty close from the amount of pain I was enduring.

  52. terri p Says:

    After wearing contacts for several years, my daughter switched to Accuvue Oasys about a year ago at her doctor’s suggestion because of the oxygen benefits. After switching, she noticed random sensitivity to light and occasional redness in her left eye. When that would happen she’d wear her glasses for a few days until it was gone. About a month ago, the sensitivity and redness returned, but this time there was substantial pain accompanying the symptoms so she went to the doctor. He saw a small ulcer on the cornea and prescribed drops. The next morning when she woke up, she could not see out of her left eye and was taken to the hospital emergency room. There she was referred to a cornea/retina specialist and was told she had an aggresive bacterial infection trying to penetrate the surface of the cornea. Treatment required prescribed drops and gels administered every single hour on the hour for almost 2 weeks including through the night. Here it is 4 weeks later and she is still using the drops & gels 4 times a day. The infection is still present but finally getting smaller. This bacteria has scarred the cornea so much that she is UNABLE TO SEE out of her left eye. The doctor has advised that although the scarring will take different shapes over the next several months and limited vision may return, it is likely that the required treatment may be a corneal transplant. With all of the noted dangers associated with silicon type lenses, there should be a recall of this product. No person should have to endure the pain or loss of sight from such a faulty product – particularly when benefits instead of warnings are the selling point of changing lens types.

  53. Hi;
    Thought I was losing my mind too, wore Accuvue 2 for 10years – no problem switched Optometrists, and he put me into Ciba-Silicone-hydrogel. Got an infection after infection, he kept switching me and he told me I had allergies, I said, no I don’t. I have never had them in my life. Switched me to Oasys dailys, and after two hours, I took them out, well one ripped in half and the other stayed in my eye, with green discharge. I just got back from the Optometrist, and I told him I had been given ointment for my eyes, and he told me to stop using it, that I had been using it for too long. He gave me what seems to be if you can believe this a generic hydrophilic lens, which I will try tomorrow. I will be you they are Ciba, and yes they do want to make money naturally from ordering from the Optometrist, I too will join a class action lawsuit, because if these don’t work, I well go back I will log in tomorrow, and please e-mail me with any suggestions. Also the receptionist told me after I complained about the cleaning product Solo Care and she said that I wasn’t the only person who had problems with this . My personal preference is Optix-free – thanks for listening

  54. David Says:

    I was wearing contact lenses no problem for about 2-3 years

    Started when i was 16 wearing the regular brand, none of the stuff for dry eyes and super oxygen

    When i was 18 i switched over to the purevision torics

    It all started there, red eyes, dry eyes, again i’d just wear glasses for a few days and i’d be back to normal. The optometry place told me this is perfectly normal and said dont worry the worst you can get is a little bit of discomfort.

    Boy have they been wrong, my eyes are now constantly tired, dry, red, when my eyes are super dry i have poor night vision,

    Whats even worse is my family doctor isnt being very helpful, he sent me to one opthamlogist who said he knows nothign about dry eyes and said to refer back to him in 3-4 months if nothing has improved. I went back and said im stilll having troubles and was told they’d call me back with an answer.

    Theres no reason why a 21 yr old in good health should be having these issues

  55. Denise Says:

    wow! I am glad to see I am not the only one with this problem! I have for over 20 years worn contacts. I have NEVER had a problem, not one eye infection or anything. I have not sleep in my contacts, and always clean/disinfect everyday.

    I have reached the age where I needed reading help, and with my last eye exam my dr. recommended these new multi-focus O2Optix by CIBA. I had been wearing AirOptix. I used the trial pair for a couple of weeks with no problem. I bought a box and wore the first new pair. By the end of the day my eyes were red, itching and had a discharge. The next day I woke up to eyes matted shut. I went to the dr and got meds for pink eye and a sinus infection. I wore my glasses for the next two weeks. Then used another new pair out of my new box….and by the end of the day, SAME THING!! Now I started to look at the contacts, was something contaminated with this lot? was there a recall? It took me 4 days for the redness to leave my eyes. Everything was fine, so I thought I would try them one more time…yep, same allergic reaction. I now feel it is the “new material” that is in these lenses. I just want to get my $75.00 back and my old lenses back!

  56. Kay Says:

    Add me to the list – as well.

    After six years of wearing contacts – and never having a problem – even sleeping in them on occasion. My optometrist recommended I switch to Acuvue Oasys. Making it sound like the holy grail of contacts.

    A few months later – horrid keratitis in my right eye. I went back to my opt. and he put me on antibiotics and I figured it was just a freak incident.

    Well……3 months later – and just yesterday – I find myself with another case of keratitis. In my left eye. This time – I went to an OPTHAMOLOGIST. Who said – to never use this brand again and that it is so bad – she does NOT sell this to her patients. Go figure…………..

  57. Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much for starting this post.

    After a few bad starts on lenses about 15 years ago (Acuvue, protein build up), I used B&L Soflens 38 for years happily, except for a bit of dryness towards the end of the day and never needing eye drops.

    Last year enquired about Purevision thinking they’d be better for my eyes. In the last year I have used both Softlens and Purevision, but never was as comfortable in the Purevision, but persisted due to thinking I was getting better oxygen.

    Last week went to new optometrist for a script renewal, who insisted I try new silicon hydrogels (Oasys), because he said they were much better than Oasys. I wore them for half a day, and the next day I woke up with glued eyes. I have never ever had this before in my life. I persisted for another two days but they felt awful, so I googled some clinical trials to see the difference between Oasys and Pure Vision and the evidence didn’t back the optometrists claims. When I went back in yesterday, he said he was very suprised that they hadn’t worked and tried another silicone lens (no idea what it was), but within 10 mins they were bleary and sticky, so I asked why and pointed out my history, so he said I might be a rare instance of having a sensivity to silicone hydrogels, and so gave me two other trial sets of them! (Optix 02 and biofinity). He said I should be fine provided I concentrate on my hygiene ( I had refused to use the antibacterial wash, as this is all he had as some advise that this may kill the natural flora in ones eyes) and that I use eye drops. I have never had hygiene issues or needed eye drops before. Certainly the eye drops didn’t help me see on my way out with the new lenses.On the way out of the optometrist, I was surprised to see that I could not read any of the street signs with the new lenses, I persisted for the rest of the day, but couldn’t read the computer. Today I am back in Purevision which are OK , but still not as comfortable as my old Softlens. I am planning to try the other two lots with one at a time keeping the others in.

    I’m curious to see what the reaction will be to the other lenses and will give them a go but thanks to this post, I’m inclined to trust be instinct and go back to the soflens. Does anyone know of any research done that compares the actual oxygen flow to the eye of all contacts in practice as opposed to the DK of the lens only?


  58. John Says:

    Same experience with Oasys here. They were irritating from the start and never improved. After a couple of weeks of wear and trying different cleaning/storage solutions, I still couldn’t stand to keep them in for a whole day. So I went back to the Acuvues which have been working fine for several years. There are obviously problems with silicone hydrogel for some patients.

  59. Courtney Says:

    Hi all

    I recently experienced problems with these Acuvue Oasys lenses. I am 24 years old and have been wearing Acuvue 2 contacts since i was 12 and NEVER had a problem. 2 years ago my eye doctor recommended I try the Oasys lenses because they were the latest and greatest things. So I tried them, and they were ok for a few weeks, but then i started getting really watery, red eyes that would burn right when i put the lenses in. I went to the doctor, thinking I had an infection. He told me I had pink eye and to stop wearing the contacts for a while and take some Rx drops. I did, and they cleared up and flared up again when i put the lenses back in. This battle has been going on for 2 years, and i’ve been taking allergy meds, everything.

    I recently went to a new eye doctor and was told I that my corenas were so inflamed that he couldnt get a accurate new vision test done. I have taken steriod and another eye drop for 2 weeks and everything is finally clear. I do however have permanent scarring on one eye, making my vision worse in that eye. He told me that these problems were caused by the Oasys lenses, because they were made of silicone, and asked if I had known that- which obviously I have not. He also told me that many people are having these issues, so I felt a bit better that It wasn’t me, and very angry at my old eye doctor for recommending such a horrible product with no warning.

    I have switched back to the Acuvue 2 lenses and everything is great, I’ve even been able to stop taking the allergy medication. I think I am going to call Acuvue and see if I can get a refund for those very expensive lenses, now that I have heard of others getting money back.

    I wish I would have found this blog earlier and possibly saved myself some pain. I hope Acuvue does something about this.

  60. maya Says:

    I just want to thank everyone for laying out their experiences about Acuvue oasys and silicone lenses in general.

    For the longest time (10 years plus) I have been wearing Acuvue 2 lenses and they were amazing. I am 24 years old. And I havent ever had any major probs with my eyes (only pink eye once in my life) But a few days ago my new optometrist got me to try Acuvue oasys.

    Today is my 2nd day trying to wear these contacts. So far they are not too bad. But I did notice some burning when they are initially in. A bit of sensitivity to light, and things seem blurrier close up (sort of). But Im still not sure if its just due my eyes getting used to new contacts. Lastly, they are a pain like no other to get out – I got frustrated that after soo long wearing contacts, that I couldnt even take them off. I’m sure that that there is the potential of causing damage just trying to get em out!

    I am also really happy that I only bought one box of these contacts. They tried to push a years supply on me. But now I’m feeling worrysome as I was told that by this September Acuvue 2 will not be sold anywhere – and that they are already phasing out some of the Acuvue 2 prescriptions!

    I called another eye place (my old optometrist) and asked the secretary if they are actually going to stop making the Acuvue 2s. I was told that they are but that currently I can still purchase them.

    I hope this actually does not happen. What about all the consumers who do not want to wear silicon contacts? I wonder if that means by sept I will have to change to another brand of lenses 😦

    Its a bit unreal how much contacts can affect people.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      My new optometrist says the Acuvue2s are going to be around for a long time. She prescribes them a lot and says a lot of people can’t wear Oasys. I talked to a her a few weeks ago, so hopefully what you were told was just some crazy marketing scheme. There are other posts on the internet from 2007 where people say their optometrists said Acuvue2s were being discontinued…

      • maya Says:

        I hope thats true! And they just weren’t telling me that to get me to buy the other brand..

        I love my acuvue 2s lol! Though I will still try to use these aosys brand till the box runs out.

        Now I feel like calling up other eyeglass stores and asking about this.

        I live in Canada (Ontario) so I dont know if that has an affect on the distribution.

  61. greengo Says:

    Five-ish years ago my Eye Doc said there were some great advancements in contacts and prescribed me new “breathable” lenses. (Btw, I’ve been wearing lenses overnight for nearly fifteen years with absolutely NO issues until changing from Bausch&Lomb to Acuvue.) The new lenses were more breathable and very nice to start. But occasionally I would feel like there was something in my eye that I could not get out. I’d have to take out my lenses for a day or more, things would return to normal. This happened increasingly. Over time I realized the problem was blisters forming under my eyelids. This year, my doc told me to change solutions and gave me a trial of Acuvue Oasys lenses. Within eight hours I had massive papillary conjunctivitis in both eyes. I did some research and found out that the silicone/silicone hydrogel could be the problem and upon returning to my doc I told him so. Thankfully he agreed and prescribed contacts without silicone and I have been fine ever since. I do believe that debunks the theory that it’s all the patient 🙂

    • maya Says:

      What type of Acuvue did you use before the Oasys if I may ask?y

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        I used Acuvue2s and am now back on Acuvue2s. My new eye doc says that she’s seen this happen before and that it may take a LONG time before my eyes are able to wear contacts for the same length of time as before — if they are EVER able to do it again.

  62. Pam Ruggles Says:

    I just got a trial pair of the Acuvue Oasys lenses yesterday, after wearing for 6 hrs. I was more light sensitive and had red splotches all around my eyes on the eyelids and under my eyes. Today, the skin around my eyes is raw feeling and tight. I guess I am lucky it’s only this and not affecting my eyes directly.

    I removed them and today am researching why this happened as I know I didn’t put anything on those lenses other than saline before putting them in straight from the package.

    I won’t be trying those again due to my reaction, your experience and research efforts.

    Thank you,
    Pam R.

  63. Riya Says:

    I used to wear yearly Toric lenses without any problems (I would get protein buildup at about the 6 month mark) but would just buy a new pair and no problems. Anyway, once I switched into the Acuvue Oasys, my eyes were completely fine through the trial period and even for the first few weeks (in fact, I wore them over a 12hr period at one point without any problems). However, soon enough, only a few months later, my eyes would start becoming bloodshot within four hours of wearing the lenses (keep in mind that I often used to wear the yearly Toric (non silicone-hydrogel) contacts for over 12 hours, daily, with no problems). I went through three monthly pairs of Acuvue Oasys lenses in three weeks; because my eyes felt funny after wearing a new pair of contacts, I would open another one, thinking there was something wrong with that pair. Well, after going through a pack of the Acuvue Oasys (which is supposed to last me for three months) in little over 3 weeks, with my eyes turning bloodshot within hours of putting the lenses in, I realized it wasn’t my eyes, or protein buildup (since obviously, protein doesn’t build up on a fresh pair of lenses!). There would be a ring around my iris, I would get deposits in my eyes and they would be painfully, almost unbearably dry, accompanied with this numb pain in my left eye. I decided to stay away from contacts for a whole year, before my optometrist put me on a trial period of the Biofinity Comfilcon Toric lenses. I’m in the middle of my trial period; the first two weeks, no problems. Vision was AMAZING, the contacts felt EXTREMELY comfortable; however, within the four-hour mark of wearing them yesterday, my eyes started turning red, and they are still very very dry today. I’m planning on returning them, and refusing to buy anymore silicone-hydrogel lenses. It is dissapointing, as the contacts themselves work very well, in that vision is simply amazing, they fit great and for the first two weeks, I didn’t even feel them in there. However, yesterday, particularly in my right eye, I had an unbearable urge to itch my eye, like there was something in my eye that I just NEEDED to get out. Silicone-hydrogel lenses – They may work for some people, but they certainly DO NOT work for me.

  64. maya Says:

    Small update..

    So far the Acuvue oasys contacts do not feel too bad, they are comfy but cannot where them for as long as I like to wear contacts before I start feeling the in my eyes. I only tend to wear contacts a few times a week.

    The only negative is that whenever I put a new pair in my eyes, my eyes get a small burning feeling before it fades away. But whenever I put them on again they feel fine, perhaps it is the solution it comes with?

    Anyhow I came with a friend to my eye place and ordered my usual Acuvue 2 lenses. I asked the new guy if Acuvue 2 would actually be discontinued. And he said no, that they are still here and that I can buy them.. I have a feeling that the last guy might have fibbed to get me to spend more money? Have no idea. I will never know.

  65. Em Says:

    A couple years ago, I developed an eye ulcer. I thought it maybe had to do with sleeping in my contacts (which I had done before, but very rarely). I was prescribed eye drops which cleared up the ulcer and I was told I could go back to my contacts (I had been prescribed Focus Night & Day post-ulcer, though I had been wearing Proclear Compatibles for 10 years prior).

    Anyway, I started wearing the Night & Days and experienced immediate problems. Discomfort, a feeling of having something in my eye (I’d never really “felt” the Proclears before), and eye redness once again. Went to the eye doctor and she told me it looked like I had a tiny spot on my eye where the ulcer had maybe not completely cleared up. Stopped wearing contacts for six months or more, tried again – same issues. I can wear contacts for maybe an hour now before my eyes start to appear bloodshot. I am now a full-time glasses wearer, though I was always able to see better with contacts (due to astigmatism in one eye).

    I’m thinking it might be time to go back to the eye doctor and see if he can get me back into my Proclears. They worked for me for ten years, so I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t work again (I have perfectly health eyes – no dry eye, blepharitis, etc.).

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  66. Kristina Says:

    I’ve been wearing contact lenses for 14 years with no problems. About 5 years ago, my optometrist switched me over to Acuvue Oasys and 02 Optix because they were supposed to be more “breathable”. They were fine at first, but I noticed my eyes would dry out significantly quicker in the evenings than they did before. Then I started getting symptoms like pink eye about every 5 months or so. It was the most painful experience of my life! I had to stay home from work because I couldn’t even open my eye. I was in so much pain! I’ve been to a few different eye doctors and they all said the same thing…”I think you have really dry eyes. Here are some soothing eye drops.” I got so frustrated that I demanded my doctor switch me to Ciba Vision Aquacomfort Plus. Guess what? My eyes have been fine ever since I switched over! I’m quite upset at my eye doctors because I now have permanent scarring in my eyes due to silicone-hydrogel contact lenses. I’m also Type 1 diabetic, which doesn’t help the situation at all. But I’m glad I found this article, so I can print it out and bring it with me to my next opthalmologist and/or optometrist!

  67. Renee Herbenick Says:

    I have worn Accuvue 2 for 10 years with never a single problem. At the advice of my doctor, I tired the Accuvue Oasys lenses. I have spent the last 9 months with off and on conjuctivitis; wearing glasses. When I attempt to wear my Accuvue 2’s my problems come back; burning, white dandruff like flecks in the corners of my eyes in the morning. I have seen 5 different Opthamologists. They tell me now that I have an auto immune response to contact lenses. I hate the glasses I am now forced to wear. This web site is a blessing. I guess I am not alone.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      After nearly two years wearing glasses, my eyes are starting to be able to wear Acuvue 2 lenses for up to 6 hours at a time without issue. It takes time, but it seems that it eventually does get better…

  68. Ellen Says:

    I cannot remember what brand, etc I used to wear but I haven’t had problems for at least 10 years, until now. I had pretty severe hayfever before but I’ve grown out of it – I figured it must be returning and just affecting my eyes more than anything. And now I learn, it may just be the contacts…

    I will say that yes, I wear my contacts to bed and I SHOULDN’T, I know!!! However, this is what I’ve done for the past 10 years of use. What I usually do is wear for a few months and then take out and wear glasses for a month or two. I’m sure my eyes are in worse shape than they wouldv’e been, considering that my CL hygeine isn’t the best… But I think this particular problem is due to the SiH contacts. (I have America’s Best Sofmed)
    I’ll be going to call an ophthamologist tomorrow – when last I was at my optomotrist, he said I wouldn’t be able to wear contacts anymore either and never even mentioned that so many people have trouble with SiH. I can see how long ago this blog started – you’d think the optomotrists would be informed by now, wouldn’t you?
    Anyhow, my eyes were itchy yesterday and I ignored it, thinking it was just allergies. This morning I woke up and found a small single cloudy-whitish-clear dot on my right eye. I thought it was the eye goop that comes with allergies and took my lenses out and the spot stayed put. My eye was weeping to the point I could barely see anything. Now that it is evening it already feels much better (keeping those CL out!) but the spot is still there. It feels very very scratchy on the underside of my eyelid. Also, there is a just barely detectable spot of blur in my vision from this. I know I’ll probably find out from a doc before anyone answers this but, does anyone know what this is? I’m terrified that I’ll be told I need surgery or will lose my vision.

    Seriously, I’m shakin in my boots – help! (thank you!)

    • Ellen Says:

      (I meant to say that at my last visit to the optometrist, I was told I could no longer wear contacts if I continued to sleep in them. I was also told that the contact wear was harming the underside of my eyelid and was given allergy drops to administer 10 minutes before putting contacts in.)

      • Amelia Says:

        Just got back from the eye doctor. I wore Surevue contacts with no problems for 10 years. Then was switched over to Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear (silicone hydrogels) about 1.5 year ago. Eyes were itchy, bloodshot and was told it was seasonal allergies. So given eye drops for that. In the winter, protein buildup was so bad, that I couldn’t wear contacts for days at a time. Eye dr. didn’t believe me, but agreed to a test of brand new contacts for week. I came back and those babies were crusty! So she thought it was my cleaning process (told me to use Clear Care – that contains a little hydrogen peroxide and then in the morning use Optifree Express to rinse off Clear Care) and for the supposed blepharitis, she made me use Steralid Eye Cleaner. This worked for a while, but my eyes looked terrible after removing lenses. Sometime blood shot, but better. Newest eye dr. finally listened to my qualm about Acuvue Advance. Said could be my age (changing body chemistry), the debris of the city, allergies, and asked if I sleep in them (no). I insisted I could wear my old contacts for while outdoor rock-climbing with no issues. Finally she told me that some people have had a bad reaction to silicone gel lenses! She looked at my eyelids and told me I had little pimples (not blepharitis) to be cleared up with Patanol and gave me a weeks supply of disposable non-silicone lenses to try out. Keeping fingers crossed.

        Sign me up for class-action lawsuit.

  69. Hilary M Jones Says:

    Hello all,
    I’m very interested to find this site and thought I’d share my story.

    Last December (I had been wearing the silicone lenses for maybe a year or so at this point) I started to have very watery eyes. The weather was very cold at that time and I thought that my eyes were just being over sensitive to the cold weather. However, the watering continued all through the Winter, Spring and Summer.

    A doctor revealed that I have narrowed tear ducts and that I may have to have surgery to widen them or to create alternative routes for the tears to leave my eyes. Blocked tear ducts are usually the result of a head trauma, or some kind of infection. I’d had neither.

    By September, the skin around my eyes is sore and cracked, and my eyes stream constantly when I am outside, or even in a draft, or a room that is cool.

    I had planned a month of hiking and camping and decided to get some ordinary daily disposable contact lenses to use on the trip instead of the silicone ones which woudl require cleaning etc. On my trip I had absolutely no watering eyes – for the first time in eight months.

    Initially I thought this was perhaps because I was in Spain and it was warmer. However, for the past week I’ve been travelling back through France and England where it’s much colder. Still no problems.

    Dare I believe that the narrowed tear ducts were in fact a low-level allergic reaction to the silicone contact lenses?

    I’m speaking to my optician tomorrow – fingers crossed that my eyes stay healthy.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your story! It gives us all a clue about where to go with our own eye issues. It’s been well over a year since I stopped wearing the silicone hydrogels, and my eyes have recovered to the point where I can wear Acuvue 2’s for up to 8 hours (that’s the longest I’ve tested) without any crazy side effects. I still cannot wear contacts every day and only wear them when playing sports (so just a few hours at a time usually). Perhaps there’s aw ay to help the tear ducts recover? My eyes do still get noticeably drier than they ever used to.,

    • Eric Says:

      I’ve been having major problems since Oct. 1. I’ve been wearing the Acuvue Oasys with Hydroclear Plus for over a year. My old batch ran out and the day I started the new batch, my eyes have been bothering me. I’ve been getting allergy like symptoms (burning eyes feeling watery or dry with blurred vision). My prescription has not been changed and I have the same prescription in each eye. I was given a new set of lenses and no difference. I’m now wearing biofinity, also silicon-based, and still same problem.

      My question for you. Did you notice the problem after you started your new batch of lenses?

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        For me it was just one day, all of a sudden, the lenses started irritating my eyes. It didn’t matter if they were fresh from the box or a day old. Switching back to Acuvue2 has helped a lot, but I still can’t wear them on a daily basis — only for sports for up to 8 hours so far.

  70. Honesty Says:

    Thank you for the valuable links and outlining of experiences. It will be useful for me in my continual battle with Acuvue in my country. I do not hope for money or compensation. My wish is for it to be removed from the market before it harms any more users. It is a tough call but I feel I have to do what is right. I would appreciate any support or other links. Please send them to

    Thanks! 🙂

  71. Jnet Says:

    I have tried the Acuvue Oasys twice now due to the fact that two different Optometrists have sung it’s praises, and I have experienced the same thing. It seems like they are all trying to market this lens solely for some reason. It seems like a conspiracy… I don’t even know how anyone keeps these lenses in for one day… I had to take them out after an hour because my vision was blurry, I had to strain my eyes to see, and I had such dizziness and a terrible headache. Something is VERY wrong with these lenses. I use the Focus Night and Days which are Silicone Hydrogel also, and did not have this problem. I have read countless reviews for the Oasys lenses where people have had major problems after using these lenses. One day I am sure we will see a commercial on TV stating, “If you have ever used Acuvue Oasys lenses, you may be eligible for compensation…” All I know is that I don’t have to use them longer than one day to know that something is rotten in Denmark, and I will not be putting those anywhere near my eye ever again!

  72. Gary F Says:

    I realize this is a very old post, and I don’t wish to minimize the very real problems that people have had with silicone-hydrogels. However, the interpretations of the two studies in the original blog post are incorrect.

    For the first study, with regard to the Extended Wear comparisons (EW), you can’t just look at the non-severe keratitis (NSK). The total keratitis numbers for the conventional hydrogel was 144.6, but only 118.6 for the silicone hydrogel. In other words, the reason it appears that nearly twice as many people with the silicone hydrogels got non-severe keratitis is that of those who got any form of keratitis, those in the conventional hydrogels were far more likely to have the severe form of it.

    For the second study, the 6 month follow-up, the study itself is limited because it’s comparing daily-wear conventional hydrogels with extended-wear silicone hydrogels. In other words, it’s comparing people who didn’t sleep in conventionals with those who did sleep with the silicone lenses. Ideally, a scientific study should only have one variable, but this one has two. Therefore it’s not possible to know whether the problems were due to the silicone or do to the sleeping in contacts.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Hi Gary,

      Your points are well taken.

      Regarding the first study, extended wear (through the night) seems to be a plain bad idea (as this study shows). So while the SiH does reduce keratitis for extended wear, look at the daily wear (DW) numbers: DW hydrogel (excluding daily disposable)—NSK 14.1, SK 6.4; DW silicone hydrogel—NSK 55.9, SK 0.0. For non-severe keratitis, that’s 4 times the rate (though, yes, in this study the SK was reduced to zero — I propose again because the NSK symptoms with SiH lenses are so irritating and subjectively severe that you feel like you HAVE to see a doc ASAP). For someone who never wore contacts on an extended basis, it made NO sense to be switched to SiH. I am STILL paying the price 3 years down the line.

      Re: study two, you’re right. It’s bad study design. And yet it’s being used to propose that SiH are a possible option for contact lens wearers despite having such a flawed design and such a high rate of dropouts due to eye issues directly related to the study. The main point remains the same: bad science is backing the SiH lenses.

  73. Kasalya Says:

    I have had the same problem. Contacts since 15 and now 40. Never had a problem till I used the Acuvue contacts. Now my eyes get bloodshot red,dry and have vision problems in left eye. Switched to oasis and in one day eye was horribly red and had even more vision problems. I am wearing my glasses now and absolutely hate it. My eyes are still bloodshot,but not as bad. I have always been nearsighted,but not everything is blurry in left eye far and close.Two weeks ago just had a new prescription for my glasses and my left eye has lost even more vision since then.Left eye is alway blurry,red and swollen.

  74. Kelly Says:

    Very thoughtful and well written post! I got the same news from my opthamologist – he said it was the combo of Oasys and Opti Free that causes the conjunctivitis/allergy like symptoms. I think I’ll toss ’em both – almost 20 years without an issue on Acuvue 2 and was told (by a different, new eye doctor I went to once) that I was not getting enough oxygen to my eyeballs so I should switch to Oasys. Okay not enough oxygen vs. ulcers, severe pain, white flashes, and streaming tears… I think I’ll go back to what’s behind Door #1.

  75. tamer talan Says:

    Hi,to all.İ`ve been wearing contact lenses,for 14 years now,with no problems,until now.İ was going to try these oasys contact lenses but didn`t have the chance to,due to an infection from the 1 day acuvue moist contact lenses.İf any of you are thinking of trying these silicone contacts,PLEASE DON`T.They are an health hazard.My infection happened when i was on holiday,sadly.Then when i came back.İ was told by my doctor,that i had blepharitis.İ couldn`t believe it but it`s true.These acuvue moist contacts were defective.İ feel like a lab rat..j&j NEVER mentioned the moist contacts being defective,they only mentioned the true eye lenses.This isn`t the only thing j&j have gotten wrong.Even their medicines,such as tyrenol,benadril etc.Have been made wrongly.İt`s all over the internet,İt`s been j&j`s 9th recall in 1 year,shockingly and i`m not surprised.Now they are facing criminal charges and they should.Look what they`ve done to me and alot of other innocent people.After 3-4 months of not wearing contacts.Just 3 day`s ago i discovered cibavision aqua comfort plus,these contacts are amazing.Thank god,i came across these contact lenses.After what happened to me,i will never go back to j&j EVER again. ciba vision=excellence..

    • tamer talan Says:

      Following my recent statement concerning j&j`s 1 day acuvue moist contact lenses,i have now found out that my eye infection was not caused by the said contact lenses,but was caused by the fact that my doctor gave me the wrong size.İ thought i would let everyone know and put things right as soon as possible.

  76. Hello, the interesting thing is that the allergic reaction to Oasys can come on at anytime, so if you are not having trouble now, you could all of the sudden one day get some strange “infection”, go to many doctors to get different opinions, because NONE of them actually know what’s happening….

    This happened to me. Have had contacts for more than 20 years, with 0 issues. I was in the oasis for about 1 year, then couldn’t wear them anymore. I am not sure if my body changed and became sensitive to them or what. I constantly had a eye irritation, doc said it was not bacterial, but allergic….changed solutions, no luck. So now I have to find an alternative, because the Oasys were very comfortable, which makes it more disappointing not to use them.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      It really is odd, isn’t it? I wore the Oasys for 6 months before the adverse effects kicked in. I STILL can’t wear Acuvue 2’s for longer than about 6 hours without my eyes getting extremely irritated for days. Thanks a lot, Oasys! You literally ended my daily contact lens wearing days!

    • Annette. Wofford Says:

      Some of these doctors don’t know.

  77. Kathi Browne Says:

    I used to wear Acuvue 2 Colours, but now I need a multi-focal. So far, the only one I have confirmed as non-silicone is Bausch Lomb SofLens.

    I would give anything for a list of non-silicone contact lenses.

  78. Doug Says:

    I too had a similar experience, but it took a lot longer to happen. I have worn contact lenses for over 25 years. I switched to SofLens Toric (which are silicone hydrogel lenses) in 2002 and was fine for 7 years. Then, I started getting blepharitis about once every other month. Usually just in my left eye, but sometimes the right too. Then, it increased to once or even twice a month. I tried different ways of disinfecting my lenses and got exceedingly careful, but it was no help. Swelling still happened regularly. At some point, I started getting mucus in my eyes that was sticky. So sticky that it was very difficult to wash off a lens! I had to resort to washing them in hot water first, and rubbing a lot. I couldn’t believe my eyes made stuff like that. Turns out, I had the starts of GPC – giant papillary conjunctivitis. So I stopped wearing contacts for a while, waited for it to go away, and then started again. GPC returned. I switched to the daily version of the lenses I had. After two times of the sticky goo returning, I started reading about this on the internet. I read this article. I was skeptical, but thought it was worth switching to Focus Dailies, which are conventional hydrogel. That was 6 months ago. Since then, no infections and no sticky mucus. My eyes are not what they were, but they are slowly improving. And these lenses aren’t as comfortable as the SofLens were (when they weren’t irritating my eyes). But my eyes are a lot healthier. Hopefully this improvement will continue.

    Fortunately, I don’t seem to have had any permanent damage or lasting effects. And never any ulceration.

    This clearly needs more study!

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Glad this helped you, Doug! Thanks for sharing your experience with silicone hydrogels. Hopefully someone gets to the bottom of this one day!

  79. Aussie Boy Says:

    This site has been so informative, now I know I am also not going crazy.

    A background about me – I am myopic (-7.0 R and -7.5 L), worn contacts since 2001, never ever sleep in my lenses, always look after them as prescribed.

    I was originally prescribed Acuvue Advance back in 2001 and these weren’t too bad to begin with (I was in school, played sports and wanted to ditch the glasses), however within 12-18 months I started to have problems with dry eyes and blurry vision.

    The optometrist then put me in Acuvue Oasys some time further down the track. I had blurry vision, ‘gluey’ feeling eyes, dryness and a constant feeling of something being in my eye, like a dust particle.

    I was then fit into O2 optix and also Extreme H20, neither of those helped eliminate the problem, comfort and visual acuity were both poor.

    I gave up wearing contacts for some time after that and stuck to glasses. Eventually I got sick of glasses again so went back for more, to see if I could try something else. I trialled ProClear, 1-day Acuvue Moist, PureVision, Focus Dailies and AirOptix. I was fitted in AirOptix Aqua lenses as the optometrist felt these were the best fit and choice, and these were OK for about 2 or 3 months, then the same issues appeared again. By the time I stopped wearing them in December 2010 (after 8 months wear), during wear they were so dry I was blinking and squinting all the time to try and get a feeling of moisture in the lenses and to try and focus clearly. Drops did not help and made them worse, and I ended up getting really tired from trying to focus with these contacts in. Putting on glasses felt like such a relief afterwards.

    I did not wear any contact lenses for 6 months, until June 2011. I hoped during this extended break my eyes would settle down. This month I went back and demanded something different.

    Finally I have found something I can wear all day and at times forget they are even there! Ciba Vision Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus. I am going to go back to my optometrist this weekend and ask him to order these for me. They are a traditional hydrogel and the best thing is they are daily disposables, so no lense care required.

    What I would say to all reading this is don’t give up hope, and if you think Silicone Hydrogels are causing you problems, demand your eye doctor to try you in traditional hydrogels! Just don’t sleep in them!

  80. EYE GUy Says:

    Scary that a blog like this can get so much agreement with an argument with so little research. Don’t be impressed when someone does a little research without knowing and understanding the physiology of the eye and the need for more oxygen. I’m a doctor and I see more eye infections from Acuvue 2 and traditional hydrogel lenses than any other lens. The truth is you can get an ulcer from any lens on the market. Are silicone lenses for everyone? No. Are traditional hydrogels lenses for everyone? no. If you know the physiology of the eye you would understand why silicone hydrogel are better in many ways, but with some people the traditional hydrogel is better. Ask your doctor. If you don’t trust him, ask another. Don’t trust someguy( even me) that posts a blog quoting research just because he had problems. Not all people can adapt to silicone. Is there any underlying lid disease, dry eye, neovascularization, corneal edema? Who knows. Just the doctor with the right equipment and the right knowledge base. Gets your eyes checked regularly, dispose of your lenses as directed, I don’t know one doctor that sleeps in his lenses, so why should you?

    I’m just sayin..careful where you get your information. Ask your doctor.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      You are a shining example of yet another doctor who can be presented with a rather clear proposition that requires a bit of understanding and some simple critical thinking and, despite years of training, still misses the point entirely. Many doctors over the past several years have been adamant about SiH lenses being fool-proof and fault-proof. Studies show they are not. YOUR experience shows they are not.

      As for the need for more oxygen, as of last year, there were no conclusive studies that showed the increased oxygen was of any benefit despite the physiological theories (and somewhat common sense idea that more O2 = more gooder) underpinning the argument for better oxygen transmission. Of course, being a doctor, I’m sure you already knew that since your tone belies a supreme confidence in your superior intellect.

  81. reg Says:

    I am relieved to read this info and have a very similar story. I have worn contacts for 20 years, never a problem. At my last eye appt my doctor said my contacts were no longer available and recommended the silicone hydrogel lenses. I immediately noticed that I couldn’t wear the lenses as long. They were dry and itchy after several calls to my doctor and several brand changes we ended up with the Oasis lens. He felt these were the best. The issues continued to get worse until I was barely able to wear the lens. I went to an opthamolgist (my dr was out of the office) who began to treat me for dry eyes. I have been on two prescription drops, heat packs and over the counter drops for five months with no relief. I continue to wear the lenses for only a few hours at a time because the doctor has not suggested that it could be my lenses. I did advise him that I never had any issues until switching lenses, but he told me it was my eyes and so I assumed he was correct. I found this blog and many others today as I began to research, I just couldn’t believe that I would have such a drastic change in my eyes and the lenses didn’t have anything to do with it. Now I’m pretty sure it is the lenses. What I’m not sure of is if this will be reversible. I found my old contacts available online today, not sure why my doctor had told me they were no longer available. I actually felt a huge sense of relief finding this info, the stress trying to take care my eyes and the discomfort has been huge. Thanks for putting this information out there!

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully it helps someone else whose doctor believes SiH are perfect for everyone.

  82. Carol Says:

    I visited my optometrist today for an exam. I have been using Accuvue2 with much success for many years. I do have occasional issues with dry eye and use drops to alleviate the problem. My optometrist mentioned the Oasys are more comfortable and longer wearing than the Accuvue2. I inquired how long they were on the market and whether there were any problems with them. She assured me there were none – only with other companies such as Cooper and Bausch and Lomb, so I agreed to give them a try. When I initially inserted them, they were quite comfortable. However, during my drive home, I noticed my vision was not as clear as normal. After three hours of wear, I noticed they were starting to feel dry and uncomfortable. That is when I started a google search and came upon this blog. I removed them and started applying eye drops immediately. I will wear my glasses for a couple of days before reinserting my Accuvue2’s. Thank you so much for this very informative blog. I have already notified my daughter not to attempt to try these and will notify friends and other family members as well…

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Glad to hear you trusted your instinct and used the power of the internet! My eyes still have not fully recovered from the damage of 6 months of use back in ’07/’08! I still can’t wear my Acuvue 2 contacts for more than 5 hours at a time without my eyes getting very irritated. You’ve saved yourself a lot of hassle!

  83. relief Says:

    WOW! SO glad to see this thread. After being dissatisfied with my old eye doctor (who rushed me in and out and overcharged me for my contacts) I visited a new one and liked him very much – however after asking if my eyes felt dry (no) how much I wore my contacts (a lot but never overnight) said I had veins growing near my cornea and should switch to these other contacts that allowed more oxygen in. Made sense to me. I tried two trial pairs he gave me, both irritated my eyes in a way that I’d never (in 20 years of contact wear) experienced. For the first time, I returned to a doctor for a follow up and simply stated “my eyes hate these” he started to order different brands of the silicone ones for me to try – I said “I never had this problem with my old ones, could I just get a new perscription of those” and immediately his tone/attitude changed. He would order them if I insisted, but he was concerned about these veins. Now, call me crazy, but 20 years, no problem, no complaint, only yearly checkup – one week with the new ones which OBVIOUSLY irritated my eyes (to the point where I can’t put anything in them now) – something seemed suspect and I started googling and found this blog. I want to know what kind of cut eye doctors get from these things. I literally told mine “well, I’ll wear my glasses more if I its better for me but I like the old ones better” and I SWEAR he was mad at me. Right now I don’t know what to do – pay to visit yet another doctor who will give me the type lenses I want? I’m beyond frustrated. Good to read this and find out I’m not crazy. I just don’t see how if I have had no problem for 20 years and switch and have a problem I’m treated like I’m being irrational. grrrr.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      You’re not the only one! My doctor at the time was adamant that I was the problem. It couldn’t be the contacts! There are docs out there who will sympathize. You just have to find one…

      …And if you do find out what kind of cut the docs get, please let us all know! It’d be very interesting to see if it’s a monetary influence at play here or something else entirely.

  84. Carol Says:

    I always wore the ciba vision focus with no problems, I loved them. Unfortunately CIBA decided to discontinue them. I tried the AirOptix. They felt really stiff and when they were in my eyes, they gave off a strange plastic-y, slightly opaque reflection.
    Then my eyes started to turn red. I tried to take them out and couldn’t. They kept sliding back and suctioning onto my eye. I thought I would have to go to emerg. Luckily, I found an optometrist and they kept putting in wetting drops and I was finally able to remove them. It was a horrible, horrible experience. I’ve used contact lens for decades and have NEVER had these issues.
    I don’t trust silicone, who knows what the long term effects will be.
    Now I’m stuck trying to find a replacement for the focus lenses.

  85. Sam Says:

    I can’t tell you how glad I am I ran across this thread. My new eye doctor had me switch from my Acuvue 2s (which i never had problems with!) to the Advanced and then Oasys. About a month after I started using them I noticed my eyes were extremely dry and I went to the doctor thinking I scratched my cornea. Since October, I’ve been in the emergency room twice, the urgent care 3 times, 2 allergy specialists, a dermatologist and to the eye specialist twice. My eyes get super teary and crusty, and my eyelids (the right more than the left) will swell up to triple its size to the point them are swollen completely shut. It’s painful, in fact, I had an episode yesterday afternoon, so today it’s still slightly swollen and hurts terribly. I do not sleep in contacts, I throw them out every two weeks, so i never thought that contacts were the culprit. My eye specialist mentioned it could possibly be these Acuvue Oasys contacts and that hes had other patients have problems with them. I didn’t think it was that because I’ve never had contact problems before. But last time I was there, he gave me a pair of my trust old Acuvue 2’s, and I wore them 2 weeks without an incident. It was time to throw them out, so i had no choice but to put a fresh pair of the Oasys in 3 days ago and BAM, I have an episode.

    BEWARE OF ACUVUE ADVANCED AND OASYS! I’ve missed a lot of work and accrued a ton of medical bills because of this! It’s been a painful and embarassing experience because my eyelids swell up within 15 minutes. There has been a couple occasions that I didn’t even know it was happening and someone had to pull me aside and have me go look in the mirror. I’ve gone through 3 regiments of steroids and steroid shots in order to stop the swelling! Very painful and very expensive to fix! Now I am stuck with an 9 months worth of these Oasys contacts that cost me a pretty penny!

  86. Marsha Says:

    Regarding comments made by “EYE GUy” on Nov 7, 2011-“Scary that a blog like this can get so much agreement with an argument with so little research”, I find ludicrous. The host of this site is sharing his experience with the silicone hydrogel contacts and does not pretend to be a Doctor nor do I get the impression he is trying to impress anyone.

    With that said, I will tell you what I find “scary” is the fact that all you Doctors tout a corporation’s product with such “little” research.

    I was put on Ciba’s Air Optix and was o.k. during the first month but after starting the second month, noticed my vision was blurry. Also my eyelids were hurting after taking lens out and in my left eye fielt like something in it all the time. Have not worn these contacts since a week ago and the burning and feeling of something in my left eye is just now subsiding.

    If it had not been for this site, most likely I would still be trying to wear these contacts. I have an eye appointment this coming Friday and will let my eye doctor know that I am unable to wear these contacts. I am stuck with 5 pairs of these lens which I dare not ever put into my eyes again due to what I have been experiencing in the last week.

  87. TSandy Says:

    Unfortunately I too have the same sad experience. I wore extended wear contacts since 1983 without a single problem. I have never had an eye infection or corneal abrasion. As a health care professional myself I know the importance of good hygiene for the health of my eyes. So I really find it offensive the comments here from eye professionals who want to dismiss the issue blaming poor hygiene or cleaning products. Many reporting problems are long term wearers like myself with 20-30 years and you don’t get this long with sloppy/poor contact lenses care. This was ruled out in my case. When the problem first developed I switched cleaning products immediately without seeing an improvement. I also wore new lenses who had never touched a cleaning product and the problem failed to improve. In fact my symptoms worsened. My eye problem didn’t improve no matter what I tried. I eventually went through 12 pair of lenses within a month and nothing fixed the problem. An emergency appointment with the optometrist where my lens wearing was discontinued and steroid eye drops were prescribed. Today a full year later I still can no longer wear contacts and it’s frustrating. Within a couple of hours of inserting new right out of the package Pure Vision Multi Focal toric lenses my eyes turn red, become irritated and start to drain that same thin drainage that itches and mats my eyelids shut. It’s enough to send me to the internet to find others with the same problem. Unfortunately I found many sites with growing numbers of silicone hydrogel contact lenses wearers exhibiting the same symptoms. Maybe it’s time for a class action lawsuit against the contact lenses makers who know that the number of silicone hydrogel contact lens wearers with problems is growing and have done nothing.

    I have an appointment to see my optometrist again soon and I’m switching back to custom lenses that are not disposable. I am also looking at a class action lawsuit and if anyone knows of one please post the details.

  88. studymyhealthhost Says:

    A small update: it’s been almost 4 years since this post went up, and I’m happy to see that others are finding solace from knowing that others are having similar experience. Obviously, I’m not happy to see that so many others have had the same problem, but at least we all now know it IS a problem!

    A short update that may give some a glimmer of hope. Just this past weekend, I tested wearing my acuvue2s for 12 hours, and my eyes did not kick and scream and spew gooey garbage. I wore them again for 6 hours the next day without any issues as well. So it looks like — FINALLY — my eyes are almost back to normal!

  89. Optometrist Says:

    Not every contact lens is for everybody. If you have sensitivities with a silicone hydrogel lens, ask your doctor for a non-silicone contact lens. There are several on the market, such as most daily lenses, AcuVue2, and Proclear. Wearing “regular” hydrogel lenses usually takes care of silicone allergies or sensitivities. That doesn’t mean silicone lenses are bad. Most people can wear them without any problems. When you have a problem, tell your doctor to address it. If he/she doesn’t, find a doctor who will.

    • TSandy Says:

      Dear Optometrist I have involved my optometrist who informed me that silicone hydrogen lens now make up the majority market share of lens worn today. There are very few choices available especially for me in the extended wear, non-silicone, toric, monovision class I need. He says through consolidation (by merger) the contact lens industry has been reduced to a few very large companies who control the market. Bad for consumers who now have limited choices. I have now done trials of every non-silicone Coopervision lens they make and failed. (Coopervision makes the custom lenses that are my last resort.) Since the Coopervision lenses fit poorly (the right distance lens rotates) my Optometrist’s concern is the custom lenses will also rotate limiting my distance vision. A trial with a third right lens failed to compensate for the rotation and Coopervision lenses have been eliminated. We are quickly running out of options. A new trial switching to a B&L lens is on order and pending.

      Time to force new change in the contact lens industry and that unfortunately looks like heading down the class action lawsuit path. That will be the only way we will be able to force lens manufacturers to provide consumers with more non-silicone lens choices. From the growing number of complaints here it sounds like silicone is not any healthier for the eyes than in breast implants.

  90. BM Says:

    Hi all, same issue here – I had yearly lenses for since the 1990s, ie almost 2 decades, with no issues, no infections, great comfort, cleaned them with Oxysept 1 and 2 and LC65 and then the newer 2 step system, then got switched recently by my new optician, onto Acuvue Advance and my eyes are now sore and red even after an hour of the lenses being in my eyes – I can barely tolerate them. Same goes for all other Silicone Hydrogel lenses I have tried.

    The trouble is my old optician is no longer there and I do not recall what my yearly lenses were called (UK user) or I would order them online right now and switch straight back immediately!

    If anyone knows what the yearly (vial) bottled conventional lenses used in the UK since the 90s are, I’d love to know! Will try them all until I find suitable lenses again!

  91. Mike D. Says:

    I have red eye after use for more than 5 hours, however, I tried one eye with accuvue advance and one eye with accuvue oasys and the oasys eye turned red aftr 30 minutes, whilre the Advance eye took 5 hours. Go figure.

  92. Upset Says:

    The 510k for these lenses is:

    We need to let the FDA know they should make J&J change their product label!

    • TSandy Says:

      Actually everyone of us in the USA who has had a problem with silicone hydrogel lenses needs to fill out an Adverse Drug Reaction form at the FDA to put on record the problems with silicone hydrogel contact lenses. These lenses have now become the market leader and it’s time the FDA starts seeing how many problems have developed with these lenses. Until we start reporting the problems officially nothing will be changed. It also helps any future litigation when the attorneys can go back and see how far back we were reporting problems to the FDA and they were ignored.

  93. sarah Says:

    I was just wondering if anyone has had laser surgery after suffering from this? I too have this issue and have scheduled lasik, but can only get it, pending the surface of my left cornea gets smoother (they assume it is uneven due to the contact irritation)

  94. jessica Says:

    I am switching back to Acuvue 2 from Acuvue Oasys. The silicone apparently bothered my eyes and kept causing “goo” in my eyes. I guess my luck is right along with yours!

  95. contacts for 23+ yrs Says:

    When eyes secrete “goo” it is usually because of an irritant, allergy, or infection. I tried silicone related contacts in 2008. My eye dr didn’t note why I didn’t like them, so I tried them again 2012, both times they made my eyes dry, could feel the contacts all day, and they were just irritating to my eyes. My eye dr was shocked that I was having issues before even leaving his office this time. He said these silicone (comfilcon A) type contacts should allow much more oxygen to my eyes. While that may be true, I do not think my eyes agree with the material they’re made out of. I have worn contacts for over 23 years, first they daily lenses you replace once a year, then the kind you replace every couple months, now the kind you replace monthly. As of 2009 my eye pressure is high.

  96. Less Says:

    Thank you for this information – I had the same reaction and was diagnosed with Corneal Edema due to wearing of contact lenses (i.e., Acuvue Oasys). I have since returned to wearing Acuvue 2 which have suited me fine for 15+ (many, many years!) Im now 54 and started wearing contacts in my early teens. Acuvue Oasys are the only contacts that gave me an infection that cost me money at the eye doctor $25 per visit, plus the initial Emergency Room fee.

  97. Tiffany Says:

    Thanks for the info! Just left the doctors, I’ve been wearing Acuvue Oasys for 3 years and I recently had the gooey film and irritation. The optometrist basically said what this article said, about 25-30% unlucky users like us develop an allergy to the contacts. Glad I found out before any real damage was done!

  98. Sandra Says:

    I read most of the comments on this blog with great interest. I have a similar story, so incredibly similar it is scary. I am now without contacts but want to know if the B&L soflens multifocals are really silicone free, or if anyone knows of a multifocal which is. I have had many contacts over the last 10 years I could not wear, after having more than 20+ years of zero problems with Wesley-Jensen vial contacts. How can one check which lens are conventional hydrogels and which have silicone?

    • TSandy Says:

      I have great news. I too wear the B&L Soflens multifocals contacts and they are indeed silicone free. That’s what finally has allowed me to wear contacts again. My optometrist switched me over to these and it’s worked out great. I was without contact lenses for a year fighting this issue until we finally found that I could wear the B&L Soflens. Surprisingly they are cheap too compared to the silicone hydrogel lenses. I hope you have as much luck switching as I did.

  99. Sandra Says:

    Thanks for this confirmation. I hear that Proclear are also silicone free and they have a multifocal toric version (I have a very slight astigmatism) but are pricey. Anyone have any experience with these?

    • ljrsrrjr Says:

      I wear the Proclear by CooperVision and I am experiencing the exact same things…..goopy eyes in the a.m., extreme redness, sensitivity to light, and the just the general feeling of sand being in my eyes. I’ve used prescription eyedrops, left them out for days, and changed lens cases. Very frustrating considering I just bought a year’s supply!

  100. deboluccia Says:

    Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I have been wearing soft contacts for about 35 years and never any problems. Keep in mind my last batch was bought in 04–I bought A BUNCH and I wear contacts only for sports. Recently went in for an eye exam and got some trials of the same brand I had used and been fine with. Got an immediate sense of awfulness. Terribly inflamed sinuses is one symptom but really the main symptom was much harder to define in physical terms, I just had to get them out of my eyes. They fit perfectly but I couldn’t stand them. At first I thought I was freaking because of the big jump in prescription but it so happened that I had a pair of freebies from another doc (don’t know the brand) with the same script and they don’t bother me a bit. Luckily the patient is always wrong so before this situation gets fixed we’ll be told millions of times that it is all in our collective heads. If and when I get the name of the ones that actually did work I will post.

  101. Mike Says:

    I just want to say that if you’ve had a problem with Acuvue Oasys you’re obviously not alone, but don’t count out all silicone lenses. I’ve worn regular Acuvue 2 lenses since I was 12 years old. In college I also briefly wore focus dailies. I liked the freedom contacts provided me, but I never truly felt like they were comfortable in my eyes. I could always feel the lens. Sometimes it felt like I had an eyelash in my eye. Other times my eyes would get sore or slightly red. I just thought this was something I had to deal with….a sort of tradeoff of wearing contacts. When I reached my 20s and I started working 10+ hours a day in a dry office environment staring at a computer screen, I couldn’t stand it anymore and gave up contacts for glasses. I despise glasses though for reasons I’m sure you’re all familiar with. After about a year I started doing some investigating and found out about the new silicone lenses on the market. I thought this would be the holy grail. I made an appointment with my eye doctor and explained my situation to her. She fitted me with Acuvue Oasys, and right from the start I thought the lenses were very comfortable. I could finally wear my lenses all day at work without the dryness and redness I had previously experienced. This joy lasted about a week. After that I noticed my eyes were burning, sore, gooey. They would even get stuck shut from the sticky film my eyes were producing. I knew something was wrong. I did some research online and found that some people have problems wearing silicone lenses. I went back to my doctor and explained everything to her. She agreed with me that though she’s only seen it rarely some people do have problems specifically with the Oasys lenses. I told her that I thought I might have a silicone allergy and that I wanted to go back to standard contacts. I suggested proclear since they’re supposed to be good for dry eyes. She agreed that proclear were good, but if I could stay in some sort of silicone lenses that would be best. She suggested I try biofinity. I agreed to give it a shot because I truly wanted to stick with a silicone lens if I could. Well, let me tell you…these Biofinity lenses have been WONDERFUL. I’ve been wearing them for over a year now with NO problems whatsoever. They are comfortable and easy. No more burning, redness, itching, etc. They let in so much oxygen that if I fall asleep in them it doesn’t bother me…no more peeling dried up lenses off my eyes. lol. The best part is I can wear them ALL day. My point in all this is if you have a problem with a specific silicone lens, try another one before you give up. It may make all the difference. Hydrogel lenses are fine, but if you can make it work with silicone the benefits are numerous.

  102. Mandy Says:

    Count me in on any class action lawsuit against acuvue oasys. I have been wearing contacts for over 20 years, used acuvue 2s for at least 12 years, never had a problem. Now, I am extremely miopic, lens script is -9.5 in both eyes, with astigmatism. So you can imagine that I HATE wearing glasses for a number of reasons. I hadn’t experienced an eye infection since grade school and always joked that pink eye was my worst nightmare because I would have to wear my glasses outside the house!

    2 years ago I went to a new eye doctor, optometrist. She told me that the a uvue 2s were very old technology and that the oasys lens was much better for me, especially with astigmatism. She said they would be much more comfortable and I would “feel” them less. ( never had a problem “feeling” the acuvue 2s). Within the first week I was ok, had my follow up and said they felt fine. That didn’t last. I fist noticed that the lenses started getting dry after only a week of wear ( I don’t wear my lenses to sleep). Within a month I got an infection ( pink eye! My worst nightmare!) no lenses for a week. 2 months later I developed a huge red spot which looked like a burst blood vessel on my left eye. Went back to the doctor, she gave me sterriod drops and wetting drops. Saw her weekly for a month until it cleared up “enough” to not come back. Btw a year later, it’s still there. I asked for a new script to get back to the acuvue 2s and she told me she didn’t think they made them anymore! And didn’t give it to me, insisting I stay with the oasys.

    Finally I got fed up. After still experiencing only 5 days of wear, when I should get 14, extreme dry eye, redness, discomfort and a pussy discharge I went to a NEW Dr., an opthomoligist. He knew RIGHT AWAY that my problems were from an adverse reaction to the oasys brand. He said there is a coating on the lense that some people are severely allergic to which also can collect lots of bacteria, it is a bacteria magnet. He looked at my eyes, under the top lid and confirmed, keratitis and allergic inflammation. Percribed prednisone drops and antibiotic drops for 7 days. No lenses for 7 days. Follow up in a week, where he will prescribe me a new sctript to acuvue2. Hallelujah! He said he was not a fan of oasys and avoids perscribing them to anyone.

    Now I just have to pray the damage is NOT permanent and I can go back to my old lenses without issue.

    I am so pissed a acuvue, the oasys lens and my old doctor!! These contact should not be on the market, or at least there should be clear warning to anyone who eis them so they know the warning signs and don’t damage their eyes!

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Hopefully it’s not permanent. It’s taken several years, but I’m now able to wear my Acuvue2s on days back to back for extended periods of time.

  103. Mandy Says:

    Thanks so much for this forum and your support. I am hoping you are right and I can get back into my acuvue2s in the not to distant future. 🙂

  104. potter Says:

    I wore focus 2 weeks for 20 years before they were discontinued. For over a year I have been using Acuvue moist with no problems. About 3 months ago I started to have an allergic type reaction to contacts where my eye gets bright red and I have some corneal edema (swelling) and my eye gets super red. I was on steroid drops and now have allergy drops. I have tried multiple other brands of contacts and can’t now seem to make it through a day w/o a reaction. Does this sound like what any of you are experiencing? Any solutions besides glasses? I’m a -8.5 and not a candidate for lasik

    • TSandy Says:

      You will need to rest your eyes until all the redness and soreness is gone. It’s tough but it’s necessary to get healed up first. Then ask your eye care provider to put you in a trial of NON-silicone hydrogel lenses. Be firm tell them to only do trials of the non-silicone lenses. There are many different brands so finding the right pair is by trial. I found I could wear Bausch & Lomb Soflens for Astigmatism which are non-silicone hydrogel lenses.

  105. Terri Byers Says:

    No overnight wearer, very careful keeping them clean/case also,air dry. Contact wearer for 40 years, no problem. Now “seasonal allergy” after silicone contacts given. Just called to replace them with old contacts! Thanks for this great post. Keep up the good work. Doc, get a life and listen to us! If you’d just gone thru this, you would!

  106. Tracy Says:

    I wore accuvue oasys. Bottom-line. I have an ulcer right now on my left eye. I am at the doctor everyday fighting for my eyesight. I wore them too long but felt no discomfort then Bam! Be careful!!

    • Tracy Says:

      I should not say no discomfort. I seen flashes of light (thought it was heat) Got doctors reports and they said redness. Supposed flu in Other eye about a year ago. But nothing uncommon with contacts. The only thought I can say now after the crucial pain I have now and the years of warning signs that I just got used to. I wish I would have just worn glasses. There is no question now. They are my eyes. What was I thinking? Seeing out of one eye and this milky fog out of the other. I could go on and on. But. Will anyone really listen?? I know I didn’t. Until now!! Scary mistake.

  107. Marie Anne Says:

    I know this is an old post, but I’m having the same exact problem! It’s good to know I’m not alone. I went from Acuvue to 2Clear in college, when I was in front of a computer for hours, and never had a problem until about six years later. All of the sudden, my eyes seemed to reject the 2Clear lenses. The puffiness and redness, irritation… I started wearing my contacts less, but I still had to take a week off work earlier this year because my eyes got so irritated, and I spent hundreds on drops and appointments. Then I was given Air Optix night and day. I take them out every night. It’s been about two months now, and they’re starting to get irritated again. I’m so fed up and can’t afford the medical visits, and I’m hesitant of all contacts now. I’m about to check out surgery. Are all of the brands I mentioned above silicone hydrogel? Maybe I’ll check out a pair of non-silicone hydrogel lenses before I make the decision to finance and go through surgery. A coworker, who is also not a candidate for lasik (I’m not either, -8.5 and thin cornea), had a new type of surgery, more painful and with a longer healing time, but he had very good results with it. I think what he had done was Photorefractive Keratectomy. Any thoughts?

  108. Missmyoldlenses Says:

    I’m a fellow sufferer. This continuing education article for optometrists says it all. I’ll be taking it to every optometry appointment I have for the rest of my LIFE.

  109. Karen Says:

    I was on Oaisys contacts and after a while started having crusty eyes and discharge even though I NEVER sleep in them. Switched to Biotrue solution helped a little. Dr recc drops and when those didnt work she told me i was prob allergic to the silicone in my lenses. Switched to cheap contacts and no more problems since. This was a year ago luckyy dr knew about it.

  110. Debbie Says:

    Wow – I have been wearing contacts since I was about 12 also. I got glandular fever when I was 17 and sometime after that became allergic to my cats and hayfever symptoms all year round and at 24, these allergies are only getting worse. I have worn Acuvue Oasys since I was about 14/15. I also got the white marks on my contacts that would not come off but only in one eye – and the optometrist never did anything about it – and it gradually stopped – perhaps they have upgraded the lenses to stop that particular reaction. I constantly have irritated eyes. About 6 months ago I had to stop wearing contacts altogether as my eyesight had deteriorated so much that when I went to the optometrist he said I had to leave them off for 3 months as I had lumps on my eyelids that would ruin my sight if I continued wearing the lenses. This turned out to be the allergic reaction between replenish and acuvue oasys. I have since been using a different solution which has helped a lot, but I still occasionally have severe reactions where I feel the need to rip my eyes out when they are extremely itchy with discharge and reactions to my eyelids. I came across this whilst looking for a solution to my currently irritated eyes, and I am absolutely shocked at the mass of consumers of these lenses that have this same reaction. Not only should we take action against the companies making them – but what about ALL of our optometrists that are prescribing them to us just to boost their income?! I have also had medical bills high above my income in desperate attempts to right the wrongs these contacts are causing, let alone the 24/7 hayfever like allergies that could be attributed to this product!! I will be off to the optometrists as soon as possible to change my lenses – and my fingers will be crossed that my eyes will not reject the new ones. And it will definitely be a different optometrist from my original. I think it is wise to try and educate the optometrists that did prescribe these lenses – as they might not know about the mass of reactions the wearers are getting. And if they do know – then I wish these lenses upon them!

  111. Vanessa Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person in the world who has these problems. Honestly I’ve been wearing acuvue oasis every since I got contacts so about 8 years. I didn’t have any problems until about 2010 when I went to prom my eye was hurting all day. I took my lenses out and couldn’t find a reason as to why it hurt so much. So I put them back in and go on my merry way through out the night it went from a sand paper feeling to horribly red eyes then to sever light sensitivity so I just sat there all night hurt to much to even have fun when I went home I took my contacts out cleaned the. And fell asleep the next morning I couldn’t open my eye because everything hurt. I went to the er for being dehydrated that night figured id get my eye checked while I was there they told me it was pinkeye and to go get some meds from the store. Went home realized I had this nasty white spot on my iris, went to a different doctor turns out it took us 2 weeks to figure out that I had a corneal ulcer took 3 different eye drops every hour for the next 3 months to heal. So now I have a slight scar that I can see at night when my pupis expand.

    I never stopped to think it was contacts that were doing this to me. After that I periodically had”seasonall allergies” all my symptoms over again, and again. I went to my eye doctor all the time telling her about what had happend all my symptoms and she just says 1 I must obviously have the worst contact care ever and 2 that its pink eye go home. So I handle my symptoms like its daily life for me freaks my friends out freaks my manager out because my eyes read then all think I have something horrible and contagious and its not. Just never thought it was my contacts because I thought they were made for wearing so why would they ever have that affect. This articals been a real eye opener no pun intended. Sorry for my exsessive ranting not like I’m going to work today because my boss makes me feel like my eyes gonna jump out and bite him. Ill try a new brand of contacts hopefully that’s the problem

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Make sure you give your eyes time to heal up and be patient if things don’t recover as quickly as you’d like. It took me years to be able to wear Acuvue2 lenses for longer than a few hours, and I still can’t really wear them for entire days back to back like I used to pre-oasys.

  112. Paige Says:

    Thanks for the info – I never had any issues for over 20 years until I went on the Oasys. Because it doesn’t happen right away, and my eye doctor (2 actually) said these were better lenses, I thought it was my face lotion, my makeup, etc, etc that kept giving me eye infections and keratisis. Back to AV 2.

  113. myra Says:

    I have been wearing contact lens for years and now both my kids wear lenses too. Years ago I found this brand called Focus. They are fantastic, one can wear them for long hours and it suits most people. Its a bit difficult to get because they seem to not manufacture enough to meet demand. So I always order several extra pairs. I heard they are planning to shift to this new silicohydrogel kind of lenses after hearing all the stories i hope they don’t mess up the good product that they have. Once you try focus you can never settle for anything else.

  114. Ce Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have a very similar situation.
    And I’m desperate to find out what any of you did to help the problems after going through this??

    I have been wearing contacts for 10 years at least. I never had a single problem. I LOVED my Acuvue 2 contacts, never had a single issue with them. Wore them for long periods of time, ect.
    Then all the sudden I go to get a refill of them, the doctor has me try the new Acuvue Oyasis ones, I wore them for a week or two and just couldn’t handle them. Redness, my eyes weeping, itchy, totally felt like extreme allergies (i’ve never had seasonal allergies before.).
    Since then I’ve seen three different eye doctors, spend an incredibly high amount of money on tests to find out “what’s wrong”, ect (none of which is covered by my insurance since “there’s nothing wrong”.) They gave me the Acuvue 2 again to try in the office and I couldn’t even keep it in my eyes for 10 minutes. I now have the daily contacts by Baush & Lomb, and they’re the best thing I’ve found so far, but I only can wear them for 4-6 hours on a good day, and usually only 1 hour if I’m lucky on a regular day. I’m living in glasses all day every day, and the burning/pressure is constant even if I haven’t worn my contacts in days or weeks.
    i’m looking into Lasik at this point, even though I really don’t have the money, I just want this to be done and go back to living a normal life.

    SO, what have you done since? Did the symptoms go away? Do you think it’s a permanent reaction? & for you, what now?

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      I believe I posted an update somewhere on this blog (in a commment or a blog post, I can’t remember) in which I said it took about 2 or 3 years to be able to wear contacts for prolonged periods again. Even now, if I wear contacts for a long day, the next day I need to NOT wear contacts. I’m not sure what can be done to really fix the issue once it’s there. I now wear glasses on a daily basis and contacts only for sports or similar activities. Since you only wore the oasys for a short period, if you take a total break from all contacts for a month or so, maybe you’ll find you can go back to acuvue 2s without issue again? If anyone has any answers, please share them! I know my eyes have never fully recovered to the daily acuvue 2 usage that I used to have.

  115. Jerry Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have worn my Biomedics 55 for a long time with no problems. I figured I go to the optometrist to get a check up. He tells me my eyes got worse and suggested Acuvue Oaysis. I try them for a week and they are awful. My right eye felt very strange. I thought it was the Optifree pure moist he gave me since a lot of reviews online say its bad. I went back and he told me to try the same contacts but with a different curve. These were even worse. My eyes are dry, red, and irritated so badly. It hurts just to move them. i was supposed to test them for a week but screw it. I called them back and gonna try to get Biomedics 55 back. Hopefully I didn’t screw up my eyes or something. I only wore them for a few days unlike some posters here who wore them for months.

  116. Bobby Blackwell Says:

    Just returned from Ophthamologist appointment for blurred vision. Results- NEVER wear contacts again for the rest of my life!! That’s after more than 30 years of soft contactwear, but only 1 year of Accuvue Oasys. Something is wrong with this.

  117. Phil Says:

    I am glad I am not alone. I only recently started wearing these things and they are the pits. Been wearing contacts for 15+ years with little problem. Changed to these things and discomfort city, redness, dryness, discharge, and think bad for vision. I really can’t wear more than day or two at a time, even if I take them out early in evening as opposed to right before bed. And my experience is that eyes get dry faster with them than my old ones. Any longer than 9-10 hours and get dry and uncomfortable. I also think that they make skin around eye dryer, as well. And as uncomfortable as any lens if you fall asleep in them, even for hour or two. I think the old saying applies. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. My eye doc prescribed them as I think old lens type was being discontinued. I reported to FDA. I’ll be demanding my $ back.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Was it acuvue2 that you were using before? When my doc put me on the Oasys YEARS AGO, he used the same line about the Acuvue2 being slated for discontinuation…

  118. Connie E. Remkus Says:

    So what do we do. As far as I can find out, there are alternatives to those lenses. I don’t want to wear my glasses. Any ideas?

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Acuvue 2s have worked quite well for me, though it took literally years to be able to wear them for any length of time again. I have simply had to accept wearing glasses more than I ever did before.

      • Tsandy Says:

        Same with me. I found a pair of B&L non-silicone lenses but I can’t wear them 24/7 like I could before. I wear my glasses much more than I did in the past. I’m grateful for the time in my lenses but it’s sad to realize how many long term contact lens users have had their eyes damaged wearing silicone lenses. Something needs to be done to warn people about the dangers of silicone lenses. I’m always amazed at the number of people who find this site.

      • Connie E. Remkus Says:

        Thank you so much for the reply. The optician I was working with said I wouldn’t be able to find non silicone lenses. But I will be looking for those specifically. Thank you again.

      • Connie E. Remkus Says:

        Thank you so much for the reply. The optician I was working with said I wouldn’t be able to find non silicone lenses. But I will be looking for those specifically. Thank you again.

  119. So glad to have found this website. I am new to contact lens wearing, just started 3 weeks ago. I had horrible red eye reaction to the first pair of silicone hydrogels I tried. I thought it was sensitivity to Optifree so the doc suggested clear care. I have tried Biofinity, Airoptix and Focus Dailies. All have felt gritty and irritating, I couldn’t see well and had to remove within 1-2 hours because my eyes were so irritated. I came to the conclusion that maybe it was the silicone, so did a google search and lo and behold….tomorrow I am seeing my eye doctor and will be requesting any brand of silicon free lenses available for those with astigmatism. I’m so sorry for all who have had permanent damage from these lenses. Hopefully I can find something I can wear for 10+ years with no problems as many here have mentioned they did.

  120. Steve Says:

    This is an old post, but this problem is definitely still around – I’ve never had so much discomfort with contact lenses and I’ve been wearing for 10 years. The optometrist said these would be better as more oxygen could get through, but each day after about 12 hours it feels like they’re about to fall out. Extremely, extremely itchy and a ridiculous amount of redness – I look like the terminator, except in both eyes.
    So in an effort to not look high out of my mind every day I’m going back to the doctor to get my old lenses back. I will then cut these into eighths and flush them down the toilet.

  121. Annette. Wofford Says:

    I had wore these contacts for a year, than I start having trouble my eyes became very irritated they were red, painful, super sensitive to the light and worst of all they had ulcers so I started thinking what could cause this problem something says google problems with accuvue contacts and there it was I got a prescription on cipro eye drops and I took Motrin for the pain and some vitamins for the eye, it has really improved a lot.

    • Connie Elaine Remkus Says:

      This is in reply to Annette, but also to everyone who is having problems with these contacts.
      Vitamins are always good to help your body, including your eyes heal themselves quicker.
      I had not written my complete story earlier, but now I will because I have found some relief. But my case can be different than so many of yours and all your problems, but it may lend to knowing that there is some hope out there.
      I haven’t been able to wear my soft lenses for almost a year now. And I wanted to go to a big school reunion and to a wedding with relatives where I wanted to not wear my glasses. I look much younger wearing contacts. So I had a strong why. I tried to get fitted with my regular optician, but she downright refused to fit me because “I couldn’t wear the hydrogen silacons”. She said because I have worn contacts, first hard, then gas perms, then softs for over 50 years. She said I had developed problems and couldn’t be fit. I would not take that answer. Found a new word for my personality this morning.Activationist, not activist. So I was not going to take her answer. Started asking around and found a referral for Dr. Benthien of Eyelines, Inc. downtown Chicago, where I live. My friend said he was a perfectionist and may have an answer. I argued with Dr. Benthien in his office for sometime, but ended up taking his suggestion, but he ended with, “if I cannot be fitted with the hydrogen silicons, he will fit me with other ones”. That is all that I wanted, because remember my goal was just to get thru my reunion and the wedding, And he promised me. So I tried what he asked and that was the “clear care” solution of soaking the contacts for over 8 hours each time I wore them. He also told me to switch mascara to Almay. I followed his instructions and I am totally sold on the clear care. I was as stubborn as they come, but it worked. He is now fitting me for new contacts, probably 2 week ones, and perfecting my prescription and I am a new woman. My life is back and he is right.
      I am a nutritionalist by profession, so I totally mistrust doctors, but this guy knows his stuff. He has handled many people who felt the same as I did. He has done all his research, plus more, and he is good. I cannot say that he would have an answer to anyone in particular, but there is hope. I found an answer, so don’t give up hope. Thanks for listening.

      • studymyhealthhost Says:

        Thanks for sharing, Connie. I’ve been using Clear Care with my acuvue2s for the last several years, and I can still not wear contacts all day like I used to, unfortunately. Clear Care with the Oasys contacts never worked for me at all (the contacts still irritated the heck out of my eyes). For some, Clear Care does seem to help though.

      • Connie Elaine Remkus Says:

        Thanks for the input. You may want to call my Dr. and talk with his assistant, and see if there is something you can do. He is very open and wants to help everyone. I told him about this blog and he is open to helping. His assistant’s name is Eric and they are just great and I can tell him to expect a call from you. I am sure he wouldn’t mind. Their number is 312-236-6460. But I just feel like a load has been taken off of my shoulders. Maybe he can just offer a few tips that might help.

  122. DJ Says:

    I have always worn Acuvue/Acuvue 2. I have tried sample pairs of Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix – both with awful results. The Oaysis became painful quickly and I removed it the second I walked in the door from the optometrist appointment (5 minute drive). The Air Optix was more tolerable, meaning that it took me 5 hours to look like I had a full blown case of pink eye.
    I just ordered whatever is left of my RX in Acuvue 2. It is a shame Acuvue 2 is being discontinued. Can anyone suggest brands/lenses that they have been able to wear after Acuvue 2?

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Where did you hear they’re being discontinued?

      When my optometrist RXed the Oasys to me years ago, he claimed that Acuvue2 was being phased out. It’s been about 4 or 5 years and they’re still going strong, thankfully. Hopefully there isn’t new news on this front.

      • Carol Says:

        I have not heard anything about Acuvue/Acuvue 2 being discontinued. I just received a large order of them from Vision Direct.

  123. Alyssa Says:

    I think my eyes are starting to react really badly to the Acuvue Oasys which I’ve been wearing for years now and this could be why.. My eyes have been extremely dry lately and very uncomfortable and in the past I have had bloodshot eyes for weeks at a time where I couldn’t wear contacts at all which my optometrist blamed on various things.

    Can anyone suggest to me good daily contacts? I think it’s time for me to move on though I still have boxes of the Acuvue Oasys..

    • Sarah Cooper Says:

      Hi Alyssa. I switched to Biofinity dailies (toric) and so far, touch wood, my eyes seem to be tolerating them well. I do try and rest my eyes by wearing my glasses for a couple of days and this seems to be the best solution for me. Good luck.

    • TSandy Says:

      This is something you will have to discuss with your Optometrist. It took three different brand trials of NON-SILICONE contact lenses before we found one that gave me good vision and yet fit comfortably. It’s going to be a trial and error process in the beginning but the important thing to do is tell your Optometrist you only want the non-silicone lenses. This will considerably limit your options because silicone lenses are now the majority of contacts out there. Then from the non-silicone lenses they can start trials to see which works best for you., My optometrist fit the new contacts and then had me come back in one week to see how they were doing. The first pair I lost one lens within 2 days it just flipped out of my eye. They replaced it and I lost the second replacement lens within two more days. He decided that one wasn’t going to work. We went to another brand and I loved the way they fit but I couldn’t see squat out of the lenses. So we went to a third brand and these fit well, were comfortable, and gave me great vision. I finally was able to wear B&L Soflens Torics for astigmatism. So you must have a good working relationship with your Optometrist. I’ll never wear another pair of silicone lenses again.

      • Kansei Says:

        I agree with telling your Optometrist that you want non-silicone lenses to try. I didn’t know any better like 5 years ago and just believed everything what the doctor said like Oasys, Purevision, Night & Day, and Air Optix Aqua are all better than my old technology lenses. All of these lenses were awful for my eyes. And I was going to what I thought was legit doctor’s offices. I saw an earlier post from a Optometrist on here that you should be persistent with your eye doctor if it’s not working out. But, that is hard to do especially when you’re younger and you don’t know any better and actually “think” that eye doctors or any other professions are really experts in their field. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that many professions not just eye doctors are often times don’t know much more than you. But then, I started seeing Optometrists at Wal-Mart, and my experience has been a lot better where they are more willing to try what has been working for me so I went back to Soflens 38 which has worked out for me for over 10 years. However, new boxes of the Soflens 38 with several different lot#s started to not fit my eyes right where I’d lost the crisp vision. My eyes didn’t get worse as I still had few pairs from my older box left which I can see out of fine. I figured I’ll try a different pair so I went to Wal-Mart’s optometrist and told her that all these new technology lenses have not worked out so she gave me Proclear, Proclear 1 days to try. Unfortunately, they didn’t work for my eyes so I went back for a different trial. She wanted me to try the new Dailies Total 1 as they are breakthrough technology lenses. I decided to give Silicone Hydrogel a try one more time. At first, these lenses were awesome; I could see everything crisp and no discomfort. But on day 2(with a new pair), my right eye started itching like how other silicone hydrogels itched my eyes. So I went back again today to ask her that I wanted to try Acuvue 2. I tried it today for the first time. The vision is extremely crisp and it’s somewhat comfortable. I liked how the old Soflens 38 felt better, but I’ll give Acuvue 2 another day or 2 to decide if I should keep this or not.

        But takeaway message is that not to believe everything that “experts” say, but believe in yourself if it’s not working out and do your own research to make the decision.

    • Connie Elaine Remkus Says:

      Alyssa, why not try soaking your lenses for 8 total hours, no less than 8 hours, in Clear Care. I didn’t believe it either, but it worked for me. The same things as you are going through. See my comments above. Try it, you have nothing to lose. I am not a doctor or a retailer of clear care, just a woman who had the same problems as you are having, but didn’t want to give up. I wanted to wear my contacts.

      • Sandra Says:

        I tried the clear care stuff, which I agree is the best product if you are not wearing a daily disposable, but for people who are having this constant irritation, I honestly recommend trying a disposable. I don’t know if the new Dailies Total are silicone, but I am tolerating them pretty well at the moment. They are good for people with dry eyes, and the vision is crisp.

        Carry on, committed contact lens wearers! We don’t really seem to want to give up, do we? 🙂

    • Sandra Says:

      I am trying contacts again, and my guy has given me trial lenses of a new one–Dailies Total, (not to be confused with the other Dailies) and so far so good, I am also trying Proclear multifocal dailies. My expectations are limited–I do not intend to try to wear lenses everyday, and I acknowledge that with my extreme nearsightedness and reading needs vision will not be absolutely perfect. Ten years ago, after more than 25 years of wearing yearly lenses (can you even imagine that now?) I suddenly couldn’t wear contacts, and this is the first time I feel somewhat optimistic. The Dailies total at this point are better than the Proclear (they have a lower water content, which I think influences comfort, not competing with your eyes for your tears) and yesterday I wore them for 12 hours, at which point I declared the experiment finished. I think one very important thing for me at this point is to have a throw away daily lens,–when I look at these lenses at the end of the day, they are trashed–protein and lipid deposits galore, according to one doctor a result of my “intense immune system” and I coudn’t be happier not to have to put those things back in my eyes–that was part of the problem with the monthly ones, I think.

      My guy did a little “monovision” adjustment with the dailies total, and they are pretty much as good for reading as the proclear multifocals, and more comfortable.

      TRY THESE, coming from a person who had a million problems. And if you are one of many with monthly lenses, get rid of them for daily disposables and see if some of your issues clear up.

  124. xxx Says:

    5 years has passed since this article was published, why isn’t this information available in the mainstream media yet?

    Could all of you who are interested in a class action lawsuit please like this facebook page and spread the news please?

  125. xxx Says:

    Also quoting from the article — “As of this writing, it appears that no confirmed cases of allergic reactions to silicone hydrogel contacts have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. or to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the U.K., and no clinical reports of such occurrences have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals in either country.”

  126. Patty Barrett Says:

    I have been wearing contacts for 37 years. Never a single problem. I was leaving for vacation and my Acuvue2 lenses were not delivered on time. (even though I was assured they would be).The Target Optical where I go, gave me Acuvue Oasys samples to wear until I got back. I was told they were better for your eyes and besides they were discontinuing Acuvue 2 lenses. My daughter (15) was fitted for lenses in May 2013 and was given Acuvue Oasys, and is fine with them. After wearing them for ONLY 1 day, I noticed the vision in my right eye was blurry.I thought I had gotten a “bum” contact. But after putting my glasses on late that night, I realized my eyesight was blurry even with my glasses. I was on vacation so I had blurry vision in my right eye for the 5 days we vacationed. I made an appt. to see my opthamologist the morning after we got back. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with my eye but prescribed Tobramycin and Dexamethasone drops.
    He gave me the name of an eye specialist to see if my vision did not return in 2 weeks. My vision did not return. I saw the specialist, who had never seen anything like what I had in my cornea. He prescribed more of the same drops.(Tobramycin) Nothing improved. back to see him again after 2 1/2 weeks of drops every 2 hours. He looked at my eye, took pictures, tested for glaucoma, called in his associate to look at it. They were both stumped! They are eye specialists! He prescribed a stronger steroid called Lotemax, take drops 4 x’s a day. Before I left, they BOTH said to keep the Acuvue Oasys lens as I may have a lawsuit should my vision not return. Obviously, they know nothing about the Oasys lens causing problems. It has been one week using these drops and there has been NO improvement. I go back on Sept 10th. We will see what he has to suggest then, since I really feel the vision should be improving a little by now if the drops were going to work. Over 220 people have had major problems using Acuvue Oasys lenses.(that’s only those that have found this blog) A Facebook page has been made for a possible class action lawsuit. If I do not regain my vision, I will be the one to start a lawsuit. I will keep you posted.
    Has anyone who got blurry vision regained it??

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Sorry to hear your story! Hopefully your vision does return. I don’t recall reading any comments about such a severe loss of vision, but if you scan the comments you may find something.

    • I have had a severe ulcerated cornea infection from wearing these lenses. I have been on seveal types of drops drops, numerous doctor visits. My eyesight in that eye is 20/60. Blurry, and may never ger better. I am interested in a class action lawsuit against Oasys Acuvue. A Blog on Facebook is collectiong signatures. Keep me posted. Thanks.

  127. To: Patty Barrett
    I read your blog. I have the scar and blurred vision as a direct result from wearing these lenses. My vision is 20/60 in the affected eye.And may never get better. I am interested in being involved in a class action lawsuit angainst Oasys Acuvue. A blog on Facebook is collecting signatures. Keep me posted.

    • Jayne Says:

      I can see your point, and at minimum believe we should all get our money back for contacts that caused nothing but grief, along with compensation for medical costs such as eye doctor visits!

  128. researching contacts Says:

    Wow – this is really scary – I hope you when the lawsuit. Why is it that doctors never warn us about this stuff?

    • eeddvvj Says:

      Most doctors don’t give a damn about your health and well beings. It’s disturbing but true. Most of them are more driven by the money that comes with it. Opts’ are the same. It’s not difficult to figure out there’s more to be earned when they sell you these fancy new hydro (whateversh*t) lenses.

      Always think for yourself. Don’t listen to me too.
      Read, listen, research. Always doubt.

  129. Kim Says:

    I am so happy I think I finally found my answer! My story is like yours. I’m 35, been wearing acuvue then acuvue 2 (since I was 12)- 23 years! Last year when my optometrist urged me to swittch to oasys since I sleep in them a lot-but never had issues. I’ve been happy with my acuvue 2. I switched to advance and couldn’t take the dryness factor. but I had bought a bunch so stuck it out. I started getting inflammation, itchy eyelids and area where my eyelashes are, burning, completely dried out. At first I didn’t connect this to the contact lenses at first. I figured I had an infection, or my makeup was old or it was a dry winter, or allergies, dermatitis? I couldn’t figure it out and doctor said my eyes were fine! The contacts stick to my eyes. I have yellow gook every morning and my eyelashes stuck together. This has been going on for 8 months now. I recently went back to my doctor again. Asked for acuvue 2 but he said they were discontinued and urged me to try oasis. I thought “these have to be good.” WRONG! I’ve been suffering with this since last year but noone could tell me what was wrong. In fact it just gets worse. I finally just purchased my acuvue 2 and hopefully it will help. I have been wearing my glasses more and that is been so much better.

  130. Kim Says:

    yes and to add to my comment, my vision is constantly blurry-from the dryness- like that feeling when you sleep in them (this happens only after an hour). I feel like I need to go through a new pair every day. The first four months weren’t too bad but the last 8 or so months are horrific. My acuvue 2 rarely had a problem! I hope they don’t discontinue and I hope these issues aren’t permanent

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      What’s interesting is that some optometrists were obviously trained to say that Acuvue2s were/are being discontinued. I heard that YEARS ago, and another optometrist said, “that’s ridiculous. It’s acuvue2. It’s one of the most successful lines. It’s not going anywhere.”

  131. Fred Says:

    Wow, so glad I saw this blog. Same story here, wore Focus Torics for as long as I can remember (15-20+ years?), NEVER any problem. Wore them 16+ hours a day, 365 days a year, and wore them for up to 3 months before replacing (instead of one month). Absolutely perfect comfort until the wee hours and 20/15 vision. Found out last year they had been discontinued.

    Went to optometrist, got the same SH pitch and went through a slew of SH trial lenses, often experiencing watering eyes or compulsive blinking, but more importantly to me at the time, inferior vision. Went to a 2nd doc who, while recommending SH, is open to me getting whatever I prefer. I kept preferring non-SH lenses based on the vision so all through this process I never ended up wearing SH trial lenses for more than part of a day or so.

    Due to my high rx and astigmatism falling right in between 160 and 170 it has been very hard to find a lens that gives me good vision in my right eye. After trying every brand there is I have a Frequency 55 (non silcone) Toric lens that works well for my left eye and was just trying to decide between an Avaira SH lens for my right eye and a Frequency lens that doesn’t sit quite as well on axis. But right away I noticed with the Avaira lens my eye was watering all day long. By the end of the day I actually had a runny nose from the constant watering. I am so desperate to be able to see well that I have been trying to see if I would get used to it or if it was a fluke. I did Clear Care for a few days but after three days of constant eye watering I felt like I was snorting pollen or being punched in the nose all day! The next morning I noticed I had a stye under my left eye. Never had one in my life. My doc gave me a new Avaira to try, thinking that maybe the other one was old and worn out since I had been cycling through the trial lenses for a long time. Same thing, eye watering right away. Strangely, no redness or discomfort in the eye (other than the stye!), so i was game to keep trying.

    This morning I put in the new Avaira, still watering. Took it out, put in the Frequency 55, no watering. So I googled “silicone hydrogel allergy” and found this blog. Thank god! I was just about to order one box of the Avaira and see if I got used to it, thinking it would be harmless. After reading the similar accounts here, it seems pretty clear I have a low level allergy to this material.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their accounts, I will stick with the Frequency 55!!!!!

  132. Acuvue Says:

    We represent Customer Relations at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc, makers of ACUVUE® Brand contact lenses. These posts were brought to our attention, and we would like to speak directly to each of you. If you’ve had a medical event or a quality complaint, it is our responsibility to document it, given that contact lenses are a regulated medical device.

    Please call us at 1-800-843-2020 or send an email to Our telephone hours are Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time. If this is not convenient for you, please provide us with your telephone number and the best time to call and we’ll do our best to contact you at that time. Please use this reference number when you call or email us. Documenting your experience is essential in our efforts for continuous quality improvement and service excellence.

  133. Jayne Says:

    Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that I have finally found an answer for my discomfort, and was just about to buy another 6 months worth of expensive Presbyopia Acuvue contacts even though I ended up with an eye inflammation when I switched to them. I kept looking for a recall, some information some where, asked my eye doctor and after nothing coming up thought it must be my eye shadow!
    I am appalled that there is not more warnings put on the product considering that it is an EXPENSIVE product that you can’t exactly take back if it doesn’t work! I would think that J&J would be more careful, but… in light of the fact that I recently read they are taking 2 years to phase out products in their baby shampoo that are known carcinogens, I guess I am really not surprised.
    I need to find a contact that does not contain the silicone, and will be calling my eye wear vendor on Friday, thank you so much for bringing this information to light!

  134. tricia Says:

    After wearing contact lenses – hard, semi-permiable and soft contact lenses for approx 30 years without any problems, I was encouraged to try Sauflon Clariti (marketed as Lacrima Plus lenses for Specsavers) to improve oxygen levels to the eye. I experienced instant discomfort particularly to my left eye, on checking that there was no foreign body or damage to the lens I reinserted the lens thinking it must just be a process of acclimatisation to the new lens.

    Some 4 hours later, after a shift at work, I could not wait to remove the lenses, they were extremely uncomfortable and caused excessive tearing. On removing the lenses I had marked discomfort and visual loss in my left eye. I returned immediately to the optician and was diagnosed with a thin ‘clingfilm-like’ substance on the cornea across my direct line of vision and sent directly to A&E. At A&E I was diagnosed with a corneal laceration and told not to use the new lenses again, but to return to my old lenses, in time.

    I had to return to see another opthalmic consultant 48hours later – he told me both my eyes were as he put it “very unhappy” and told me I had had an allergic reaction to my lenses. On seeing a third opthalmic consulant some 2 weeks later I was told I needed regular lubricating drops for the next 3 weeks and indeed may need to continue them indefinitely.

    I have contacted both the optician and the manufacturer to report this allergic reaction and received a reply from them today – no surprises “…this is almost unheard of in contact lens wear as all contact lens materials are inert and hypoallergenic, it is our view that it is highly unlikely that an allergic reaction to any contact lens material would be evident and especially on immediate insertion of new lenses as you describe.”

    Looking for answers on uk sites was fruitless – ALLERGIES were likely to be attributed to reactions to your cleaning solutions reacting to the lenses. The lenses I tried were straight from the manufacturers packaging!

    DISCOMFORT to your increased sensitivity due to increased oxygen supply to the eye, and INFECTIONS due to the users poor hygiene and even the use of liquid soap reducing your hand hygeine levels. The lenses themselves are never the issue.

    As apparently according to my letter “allergic reaction to the lens materials are so rare it is not standard practice to advise patients of the risk when being fitted”. (Accounts on this site would disagree with this comment)

    I am reasurred by all your comments on this website that I am not alone in my experience. However I urge you all to report your experiences to your opticians and your respective lens manufacturers. Apparently Sauflon has had no reported incidents or complaints about Clariti/Lacrima Plus – surely I can’t be the only one!

  135. Can you please tell me what kind of contacts you CAN wear without this red irritation? I too have gone thru MONTHS of redness, went to allergy Dr., yes I have allergies, but they now say it is dry eye. I agree it HAS to be my accuview hydroclear contacts. I have astigmatism in one eye, so what can I ask my Dr to prescribe or try out?

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      For at least two years, I couldn’t wear ANY contacts at all for more than an hour or two. Now I’m back on Acuvue 2s and they seem to be fine for entire days, but I still can’t do back-to-back days.

  136. In the U.S.A. Optometry is one big con job industry. In Paris you go into an optometrists office tell them what vision strength you need and what brand and they give it to you over the counter without prescription. I was amazed and asked why. She said it’s just an American thing to get the most money they can get from you making contact lens wear prescription only! Look now the optometrists are acting like dictators some won’t even give you your authorized perscriptions to buy somewhere else. They pushing the newer Acuvue’s for profit for them not for comfort of the Lens wearer and even causes serious eye damage! It’s a big con job! Demand your optomertrist your perscription and go somewhere else that will really take care of your eyes like WallMart or Wallgreens where they will give want you want for your eyes satisfaction or move to Paris and be Free!!!

  137. Again in Paris and around the world you do not need to have a prescription to buy contact lens, it is just ridiculous. The threat of serious eye infections are optometrists pushing a product you do not want! I have worn the old contacts for twenty years no infections what so ever. The Oisis and my eyes are going bonkers. I request going back to my old contacts “we’re sorry but they are being discontinued. How about a different brand we have here?” mean while you go to WalMart inquire on the old contacts and it’s no problem we’ll order them ann it’ll take two weeks. We just need your prescription. You go to your optometrist ask for your prescription, it’s like pulling wisdom teeth from an elephant!

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      It really is interesting how they push the “acuvue2 being discontinued” line. I wonder who’s coaching the optometrists to say that?

  138. Brad Says:

    I’ve been having the same problem for at least the last year. I’ve tried all the different solutions including Clean Care- it didn’t matter. I’ve been wearing Air Optix for maybe a year and continue to have blurry vision, redness, dryness,itchiness, discharge in mainly my right eye. I was wearing o2 optix previously but doctor made me switch. I don’t remember having as many issues with the older o2 optix. Gets better when I wear glasses for a while, but as soon as I try new contacts, the same problems happen. I always follow the recommended cleaning and take them out every night. I used to think it was an environmental allergy, but I’m beginning to think its the contacts. I haven’t been to the doctor because I already know the BS they’re gonna tell me.

    • Sandra Says:

      Try the one day disposables–they work for me, although I have resigned myself to not wearing contacts everyday.

  139. Deana Cravalho Says:

    I just found your post. I too have been suffering for over a year with the same problem of terribly painful sinus infections. I also did 3tests, one to three days after wearing my contacts here comes the horrible sinus infection. And that’s after making sure I wore my glasses for at least 4-8 weeks prior. Thank you for the post.

  140. Sande Says:

    Thank you for this. I have been suffering for well over a year and just Googled my issues today. I thought I was going insane. My eye doc switched me out of Acuvue 2’s a year ago to these silicone-type lenses and I immediately starting having vision problems and my eyes are so bloodshot everyday I look like I started drinking at 8 am each and every day. Oh and then I started to get these nasty bumps on my eye lids. I thought it was my makeup. I am so glad to know I am not going insane and that the contacts are to blame! Gut instinct verified!!

  141. Kristine Says:

    I see most people talk about Acuvue brand. What about other brands? Can you give any comments on Sauflon Clariti lens?

  142. netbastard Says:

    wow glad I found this. I have been wearing contact lenses for 30yrs. I always used the acuvue 2 brand until I was put on the Oaysis brand about two yrs ago. They worked fine I would have episodes of pain and itching redness in my left eye this would happen in the Spring and I blamed it on pollen etc…and after a week or two of not wearing contacts would go away. Recently my left eye has been very bad after two or three days of wearing a new pair of lenses. Now I haven’t worn my lenses in a month and my left eye is still bothering me feels like something is constantly in my eye and it waters. Seem like this brand is junk and causing more harm than help.

  143. JB Says:

    I have been wearing contact lenses for about 12 years now. My first few years were with some biomedics something and then eventually acuvue2. I have been using acuvue oasys for roughly 8 years with no issues. I found this website due to my new optometrist prescribing me air optix — I found them to be uncomfortable and decided to order the oasys instead. My order was cancelled and I learned for the first time that prescriptions are brand, for real? How did these con artists acquire so much power over my eyes? I told 1800 contacts that I would really like the oasys and they talked to the optometrist, who refused to approve my order. So I went ahead with a 6 month supply of air optix, hoping that the issue was just my trial pair. I am almost through my work day now and have been struggling with discomfort in just one eye the entire day. I somehow found this site looking for issues with air optix and ended up reading like 3/4 of the responses.

    That really sucks that you all have had so many issues with the oasys. They have been the best lenses that I have ever worn, without any issues. Although I was recently told that I have “neo vascularization” from overwear, occasional naps and my teenage years of sleeping with my lenses in.

  144. km Says:

    After 2-3 years of wearing Acuvue Oasys I started waking up with red eyes, had sticky tears, and excessive watering. I don’t know if it’s an allergy, but after using Maxitrol drops and switching to a non-silicone lense my eyes were healthy again. Accidentally was put into wearing Avaira (silicone-hydrogel) by my optometrist and had the same symptoms! I’ve worn contacts since I was 13 (now 21) and never had problems. The opthamologist I saw told me I was wrong and it was probably the combination of the lenses and solution. Switching back to Acuvue 2 because I am certain that the silicone-hydrogel bother my eyes. All of these comments prove that they affect certain people and opthamologists aren’t listening!

  145. Marla Says:

    I feel so much better after reading this. I’ve been having eye problems the last almost a year and finally decided if was the contacts that I switched from Acuvue 2 to the Oaisis ones. I thought it was new office hallogen lights (which it also is) but half way through the day my eyes feel crappy, like I have stuff under my contacts etc. I change them every 2 weeks, use the hydrogen solution properly etc…… I have a new appointment in August and am going to demand to go back to the thinner types. Does anyone have suggestions on brands?

    • Sandra Says:

      Switching to a daily lens helped me a lot. I alternate between Proclear multifocal and Dailies total. When you take it out and throw it away at the end of the day, you avoid a lot of problems. Still don’t wear them everyday, but I know I can when I want.

  146. Chris Says:

    Same issues with wearing Air Optix. I was never able to wear any Acuvue lenses because they did not allow enough moisture into my eyes. Always wore B&L but they quit making the ones I wore so the Dr. put me in Air Optix which are Hydrogel Silicone lenses. I was fine for a couple months but my left eye was always getting red. Recently I began having a string of mucous come out with the lense. Aside from causing severe dry eye I discovered I am allergic to the silicone material they are made of. They caused an ulcer to form on the underside of my eyelid. No contacts for a very long time, if ever at this point. Always feel like my eye is on fire and always red. it is simply miserable and embarrassing for people to keep asking why my eye is so red. Cold compresses daily and lots of moisture drops that are preservative free. It will take time to heal. Should I return to contacts I will try the Coopervision Proclear EP which does not contain silicone…but it won’t be for a while.

  147. gabcarol8 Says:

    Soo happy to find this! I’ve worn contacts for 4 years, silicone hydrogels for the last year or two. Suddenly a couple of months ago, I feel pounding and straining around the entire circumference of my head, & go to the eye doctor. He says I have allergy bumps on the inside of my eyelids, prescribes a steroid drop, dry eye drops, contact drops and Clearcare cleaning solution. No difference, still the same extreme headaches. Then thankfully, he suggests that I might be allergic to the silicone hydrogel and I get a trial version of Acuvue 2. Unfortunately, I still get the same extreme headaches.

    How long until I can wear the Acuvue 2s without this reaction? I’m going to take a break from contacts for a month to 6 months, if that’s what it takes.

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve had the same experience. I posted in a comment elsewhere how long it took for me to be able to wear acuvue2s for any considerable period of time, but I can’t find it. If I remember correctly, it took my eyes about 2 years to recover to where I could wear contacts for a full day without my eyes going bloodshot. I still have not tried wearing contacts all day on back to back days as I eventually got very used to wearing glasses.

  148. Doc Says:

    Silicone hydrogel actually increases the sensitivity of the corneal nerves due to the higher oxygen permeability and some patients will experience more discomfort as compared to hydrogel for this reason. Regular hydrogel will actually decrease the sensitivity of the corneal nerves (due to decrease oxygen permeability) thereby making it more comfortable to wear. Decreased corneal sensitivity, however, can come with it’s own problems long term even though it makes the contacts more comfortable. Studies show that silicone hydrogel has an increased occurrence of low grade, mild keratitis but lower severe keratitis. Hydrogels have increased occurrence of severe keratitis. There is risk involved with wearing both modalities and you can get discomfort and long term irritation issues with both. You can develop a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) which occurs from mechanical irritation from the eyelids blinking over the contact lenses over years time (nothing to do to with SiHy or hydrogel material). It may be also linked to allergic reactions to protein deposits on the surface of the lenses. Protein deposits can be linked to poor wettability of the lens. Silicone lenses have poorer surface wettability than hydrogel lenses. Deposits will form more readily in patients with mild dryness problems also. GPC will cause red, irritated eyes that will become exacerbated every time your wear contact lenses, even if it is years after. GPC is what got me out of lenses completely. I’ve also noticed an increase in keratitis with the Oasys lens itself as compared to other SiHy lenses and I don’t fit those as often as compared to Biofinity and Air Optix Aqua (I’ve never seen a keratitis with those lenses). True silicone allergies are extremely rare, I’ve never seen a case of it. Silicone is biologically inert, the body won’t react to it. The redness and irritation may be due to the silicone, but not from an allergy to it.

    Bottom line is that there is risk any time you put a piece of plastic in your eye and there are complications with both hydrogels and silicone hydrogels. Daily contact lenses are by far the best way of wearing contacts but most patients don’t want to because they are more expensive (I don’t make more money on these as compared to monthly lenses). My philosophy in fitting contact lenses is if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Secondly, I’m dismayed at seeing people saying it’s hard to trust doctors because we are in it just for the money and we don’t care about anything else. That may be true for a small minority of docs, but I truly care for the well being of my patients and any changes I make for them I honestly believe is in their best interest and not because I will make more money.

  149. Jessica Says:

    I just came across this site today, and it’s shocking to see how many people have the exact same story. I wore Acuvue 2 lenses very comfortably and without incident for 15 years. At my last eye exam, the optometrist refused to write me a script for those same lenses. She insisted that they are bad for my eyes because they don’t allow enough oxygen through and suggested Acuvue Oasys instead. I’ve now had all the same issues highlighted here on this blog, and I’ve been miserable for the past two months. I marched into two optometrists’ offices today begging them to give me a script for what has always worked…if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Unfortunately, neither one would comply. If Acuvue 2 contacts are that bad, why are they still on the market? There are clearly a lot of folks out there who have used them successfully. The bottom line is that I want to be able to see clearly, and I want my eyes to be healthy. Can any former Acuvue 2 wearers recommend a new contact lens that they’ve had success with? I’ve never seriously considered LASIK because it’s been so easy for me to wear contacts most of my life without any problems at all. Again, why fix what isn’t broke. But now if I can’t find a new lens that has the same ease and comfort of the Acuvue 2, I may seriously give surgery consideration. Such a frustrating situation!

    • Carol Says:

      Hi Jessica,

      I had this same experience 5 years ago and posted on this site. I believe it was December of 2010. I was fortunate enough to have realized that the Oasys lenses were causing me major discomfort as I was driving home from the eye doctor. I removed them when I arrived home and found this site online. Within the past 3 months, one of my employees also experienced a similar situation. She was told that Acuvue lenses were discontinued! I have successfully been wearing them for the past 21 years. I called her doctor and threatened to take legal action against him unless he complied with her request for Acuvues. He ordered a sample pair for her to try. She loves them and plans on ordering them online through 1800 Conacts or Visiondirect . I hope this has been helpful to you and good luck.

  150. Amber Says:

    I too have been experiencing the same issues. I had been wearing my brand of contacts for over 7 years (I am now 28) and during my last visit to the eye Dr. at the end of May she suggested the Acuvue Oasys lenses. I tried them for the first few weeks with really no issues. I did have a small incident where I thought I had pink eye in the middle of June and actually had one of my old contacts left (for my left eye) and was fine for the duration of the month.

    Since, I put in a brand pair new contacts (Acuvue Oasys) and once I did that my eyes again had a reaction to almost like pink eye symptoms a few days later. I immediately went in to the Dr. as this is not normal. My first Dr. made me think I was crazy saying that an allergic reaction would have happened instantly with the contacts and that could not be it. I was prescribed an antibiotic drop. I was on those for two weeks with no improvement. I went back and was then prescribed a FML (steroid) drop. The combination of the two seemed to make things better. After they improved, I attempted to wear the Acuvue Oasys contacts again for smaller durations, a few hours here and there for when I work out since this eye problem has really impacted my lifestyle completely. Again, the reaction came back after a few days. After going to the eye Dr. AGAIN, she told me to stay on the FLM drops. They did nothing. I was sick and tired of being told it was inflamed due to seasonal allergies. I have never had allergies, especially in my eye like this.

    I finally decided enough was enough and I went to a different Dr. He now has me on a different antibiotic/steroid drop. I see minor improvements in redness under my bottom lids but not on my eye really itself (I have been on the drops for about 5 days). It almost seems like there are a few main blood vessels that are inflamed (especially in my left eye) and they will not go down and some in my right. I have experienced pain in my left eye where my right seems to tolerate it. I am

    I have had no changes really to anything that I know of besides my contacts. I have been taking Claratin D for the “allergies,” washing my pillowcases/towels constantly, washing my glasses daily, and washing my hands constantly. I cannot wear make up and have thrown out all of my old stuff.

    Last night I finally broke down and had a good cry session (one of many). Obviously that hasn’t help my eyes and today they are angry with me (dry, tired). My wedding is in a month. I am terrified that I am not going to be able to wear contacts on a very important day. I am not usually a glasses wearer but have been for a good 2 months now and hate it. I am at a loss. I don’t know what to do. Anything helps… advice, any time frames on which this may go away, hope… anything…

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      The only thing I found helped was time. Gradually my eyes have been able to wear Acuvue 2 again. In the beginning I could only tolerate the acuvue 2 for a few hours at a time. Eventually I have been able to go back to acuvue 2 for an entire day, morning to night, without issue. I actually still hav enever gone back to wearing contacts all day every day, though I am pretty sure I could now if I wanted to.

      • TSandy Says:

        Agree with Studymyhealthhost. Time is the only thing that will solve the problem. It eventually took three years of no contacts before I could comfortably wear my contacts all day again. I will never be able to sleep in my contacts again but at least I can wear them all day safely and comfortably.

    • Sarah Cooper Says:

      If your wedding’s in a month I’d not risk the hope that your eyes will improve…. I’d go back to what worked before – even if just temporarily before trying the Oasys again. (For the record, Acuvue Oasys gave me giant capillary conjunctivitis which resulted in my not being able to wear lenses for a month whilst using first sodium cromoglycate drops (for allergies) and then 2 weeks of steroid eye drops – under the supervision of a hospital-based consultant ophthalmologist. It eventually cleared and I found a brand of Coopervision lenses (one day toric extra) that are fine and comfortable, thank God, so no further problems). Good luck. I do feel for you.

      • Amber Says:

        I have not been able to wear contacts for a good month now. Just waiting for the inflammation to go down (crossing fingers). There is no way I will EVER go back to the Oasys again. I am actually going to demand a refund since they were almost $300.

        Thank you for your empathy. It is nice to know I am not the only one and NOT crazy like my first Dr. made me feel. Just a very emotional ride the past two months with everything going on. I was given daily contacts (about 10 of them) but I may just ask for my old prescription again just to be safe (pending I can even wear the day of).

  151. Jon Says:

    I wore Acuvue lenses for about 5 years, Acuvue2 for 7 years, Acuvue Advanced for 2 years, and then Acuvue Advanced Plus contact lenses for 1 year. I wore my lenses every day. 14 years without any discomfort, and then the materials inside the lenses changed and I started noticing irritation in my eyes. The irritation didn’t happen overnight, though. It was very gradual, and it was very difficult for me to identify what was causing it.

    It took several months and multiple visits to different optometrists before I was finally diagnosed with a severe case of GPC in early 2012. At the time, the doctor explained that it was most likely due to the PV (preservative) in my contact lens solution. After waiting for 2-3 months for the bumps to disappear under my eyelids, and for the pain to go away, I changed to ‘Clear Care’ with hydrogen peroxide.

    However, even with this new solution and a fresh pair of lens, the pain and sensitivity returned fairly quickly. I eventually admitted to myself that my eyes must have changed, and that the problem was me. I couldn’t logically conclude that the material in the contacts was causing the issue.

    In late 2013, I decided to try wearing contacts again, and I tried many, many different brands. Nothing seemed to be very comfortable anymore, but I found a lens that seemed to work better than all the others: “BIOMEDICS XC” with omafilcon A 40%, H2O 60%. I was very careful to research what materials were inside each of the lens that I was testing, and I thought the water content was the most important part. I tried the Acuvue Oasys, but it caused a lot of dryness and discomfort.

    I was so afraid that the pain would return that as soon as I noticed any discomfort with the BIOMEDICS, I would remove them immediately. The pain returned, so I gave up on contacts once again.

    Now, just this year, while I was at a new eye doctor to get some new eye glasses, the question about contact lens came up again. All I could do was laugh!! All hope was lost.

    He suggested that I may be allergic to the silicone material in the newer lenses and asked me what I used to wear a long time ago. When I told him about the Acuvue and Acuvue2 lenses, I really didn’t expect for any of them to exist anymore. To my surprise, however, Acuvue2 was still around, so he gave me a sample.

    NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. I used up all of my vision insurance money to buy glasses this year, but I am planning to buy some Acuvue2 lenses again next year.

    I thought that I would share my story in case it can help others. I am also hoping that my story will encourage J&J to continue manufacturing the Acuvue2 lenses, or to consider selling the original Acuvue lenses again.

    I would be very interested to hear what other lenses have worked for other people who have had similar sensitivities. I read every single comment here, and the consensus seems to be ‘Acuvue2’, but I’m willing to try others as well!!

    One last thing: I can’t agree more with the statement that it takes not just months, but YEARS for your eyes to recover from bad eye infections due to contact lenses. The type of material is the most important part.

  152. Megan U Says:

    BEWARE OF SILICONE BASED CONTACTS: I am so glad to hear I’m not alone and that it’s the contacts and not my eyes deciding they can’t tolerate contacts anymore. I have worn Acuvue 2 contacts for 15 years. They were two week disposables. I could wear them for months while sleeping in them with absolutely no issues. Then when I decided it was time to get a new pair I had to see the eye Dr. to get a new prescription, given my past of wearing them all the time he switched me to the night & day acuvue oasys kind. Since then I have had 6 incidents in the past 3 months of immense pain from corneal abrasions that including extreme burning, stabbing pain, and such bad light sensitivity that I have to wear my sunglasses at night, lol, like the song I know! Anyway, I am so irritated these silicone based contacts are even an option anymore given the studies & numerous blogs of hearing people tell the same awful experiences that have had as well. I also wanted to mention my eyes seemed to do fine with them the first couple of months & then like a vengeance it has destroyed them. I am currently dealing with it as we speak in my left eye. It’s so bad I don’t even want to venture out to see the eye doctor who put me in this situation. I just want to cry, but that even makes it worse. My advice, stick with things that have been around & studied for awhile, that have proven to be effective.

  153. Andrea Says:

    Glad I found this. I have been using acute oasis for 8 years and just now developed GPC. My dr. Prescribed lottamax steroid three times a day for thirty days. Seemed like it was getting better, but now the dryness, itchy, burning sensation is back again. I read all the comments here, looks like I will expect to wear glasses for a few years before they heal up and I can try contacts again. Any natural remedies besides time?

  154. Amber Says:

    I am currently on Restasis. I also use preservative free Systane Ultra vials as the normal drops tend to hurt my eyes even more. Warm compressions work, if you have the time. They have this dry eye mask at Walmart for less than $10 dollars that I would recommend. Pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and put on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. WAY better than using a warm wash cloth! I am slowly wearing daily contacts again and make up in attempts to re-train my eyes. Time will make it better but just from word of mouth, steroids shouldn’t be used for long periods of time as they can cause other problems within the eye. I was able to wear contacts for my wedding and yes they were bothersome but I pushed through it. Funny as my left eye is the one that is feeling the wrath of all of this as well.

  155. Jessica Majeski Says:

    I posted on this thread earlier this year when my eyes immediately rejected Acuvue Oasys lenses, and I couldn’t find a doctor that was willing to give me a script for the Acuvue 2 lenses that I had worn without issue for 15+ years. The whole experience has been miserable. I tried several different brands of silicone hydrogel lenses and countless different cleaning solutions to no avail. Last week, a friend introduced me to an optometrist friend of hers that was willing to listen. She completely understood my struggles and wrote me a script for my old Acuvue 2 lenses. I’m happy to report that I just took out my contacts for the night, and for the first time all year my eyes aren’t itching like crazy and I’m not in tears out of frustration…this time it’s literally tears of joy. I’ve only been back with the Acuvue 2 lenses for a few days now, but the impact is dramatic. I will get Lasix before I ever put silicone hydrogel lenses in my eyes again!

    • studymyhealthhost Says:

      Glad you finally got things straightened out!

      • Jessica Says:

        Thanks for writing this article! I am left with dry eyes and after reading your story I see you had this symptom as well. Does the dryness go away? I am hoping if it is due to swelling that it eventually will because the feeling is awful. Please let me know your experience. Did you or anyone else try Restasis (cyclosporine)? Thanks in advance.

  156. Jessica Says:

    Omg could not figure out what was wrong with my eyes until I found this. So upset. It is now 2016 and I have heard nothing about this until stumbling across this blog in desperation. How was I still allowed to wear these!!! Most comments go back to 2008-2009! For all of you with pain, redness and dryness, does it go away eventually? Been out of contacts almost 3 months now and getting extremely frustrated.

    • gabcarol8 Says:

      Jessica, although my issue with breathable contacts wasn’t so much the redness & drying, I had sharp muscle strain that ran all along my head. I stopped wearing contacts cold turkey, trying Acuvue 2 every now and then (but the pain was still too much). It’s been a year & 5 months, and I still don’t like to wear contacts for a whole day (12 hours). However, I’m not as frustrated as I used to be, because I can wear contacts for a solid 5 hours without noticing too much. But most of all, I found a pair of glasses that actually flatters me more than contacts did, so that may help you too.

    • TSandy Says:

      Have patience and know that time is your friend. It took between 2-3 years before I could wear contacts comfortably all day. I’ll never be able to wear contacts 24/7 and sleep in them again but at least I got rid of the stinking glasses. I just saw the optometrist last Saturday and everything is healthy. Discontinuing the silicone lens with time fixed the issue.

      • Jessica Says:

        Thanks for the kind words. At what point did you start trying contacts again? The pain is gone just slightly veiny eyes now and dryness. I don’t want to set myself back but then again I don’t want to wait a year or more and then be back to square one.
        I am hoping to try traditional hydrogels, of course. Any advice on timelines / contacts that worked are appreciated!

  157. Jessica Says:

    Everyone who has ever experienced adverse symptoms due to SILICONE lenses should check this out:
    It gave me insight on a larger scale. There is a huge list of symptoms women with silicone breast implants are enduring and even their doctors tell them there is nothing wrong with them! This stuff is HORRIBLE for humans. I even discovered more related symptoms I had no idea were being caused by my lenses. I am astounded by the amount of us finding solace in these blogs but more awareness needs to be spread in the main stream!

  158. Saundra H Clark Says:

    Where can we buy non silicon hydroel contacts. I’ve had the same problem.?

  159. Ann Says:

    Ditto##! Silicone is horrid, burning my eyes beyond tolerance…Doc says all contacts are now silicone???? Joke
    … Was told I’m sol…I’m not a window that needs caulked with a poison. My body is rejecting this chemical. Duh..Bring back the good ones! Dr. won’t listen……compare to cosmetic silicone injection deaths…

  160. Kim Says:

    I have had the same problem. Every year since 2005, my optometrist has tried to push silicone contacts on me, and they are horrible and irritate my eyes, cause dryness and cause eye pain. I always switch back to Acuvue 2 and I have none of the aforementioned problems. I wish they would continue eye technology in different materials. Silicone does not have a great history in medicine.

  161. Yves Says:

    Same here. Cannot even seem to be able to get regular contacts. I used Frequency 55 from Cooper Vision. Any ideas ?

  162. Muri Says:

    This is exactly what has happened to me. It’s 2017, if for the past two months my Air Optix silicon hydrogel contact lenses all of a sudden it has caused me to have itchy, burning eyes, runny nose, sinus issues, watery eyes, seasonal allergies reaction within only five minutes of placing them in my eyes. I even tried using different lens solutions. It’s so confusing and crazy, this is the first article I’ve read that correctly described my symptoms. The doctor prescribed me with this current brand of sunglasses, I mean contact lenses, but before this I used to wear Acuvue and had no issues.

    • gabcarol8 Says:

      I already shared my story on here **

      I’d love to give everyone a tip though. HONEY! I was Googling natural ways to help dry eyes, because I believe the breathables contributed to a dry eye problem (which causes my contacts to tighten around my eyeballs and cause headaches). This is not an endorsement of a brand or anything. Just the natural substance HONEY has allowed me to suddenly wear contacts 5 days a week for 12 hours a day. Just try it and see, I can’t see how it’s worse than putting chemicals into your eyes with drops that don’t work.

      **My breathables made my eyes incapable of taking any contacts at all. After waiting 2 years & mostly wearing glasses, my eyes could take contacts for 4-5 hours per day without much pain. After using honey/water eyedrops twice a day I could immediately wear the contacts for 12 hours a day with little pain.

  163. Dimon Says:

    I don’t understand why people struggle to get hydrogel contact lenses. I’ve been always wearing Acuvue 1 day moist and any doctor would prescribe them to you. I can’t wear any silicone contracts and totally agree with all said in this blog. Even J&J recognizes problems with silicon lenses:

  164. gabcarol8 Says:

    Hey Matt, I just boil water and mix honey into it (note this should be raw organic honey). Mix the proportion of honey that your eyes can take (more honey will sting more). Then I put that in a small eye dropper bottle that I’ve sterilized with boiling water. Just use a drop or two in the morning and at night.

  165. Edgar Says:

    I have worn and still wear the Accuvue 2 brand. 17 years now. They are very comfortable lenses and affordable. I tried the Accuvue Advance silicone lenses when they first came out. I put them in my eyes and they felt scratchy and uncomfortable. I wore them for 1 hour and took them out. It was torture wearing them. Many optometrists that I have asked about this scratchiness are dumbfounded and don’t have a clue. Johnson & Johnson, if you are listening, do not discontinue Accuvue 2. Silicone is definitely not for me.

  166. MARIA Says:

    I have been having the same problem for a month. After 30 plus years of wearing contacts with ansolutely NO issues, they decide to change my contacts for torics. What a nightmare. I am on my 4th different trial and my eyes r not getting any better. I just want my old contacts back. I am now in bed, with no only eye pain, drainage…. i have fevers, sinus infectìon, non stop couching and body aches. Every time i mention i ferl is all related to my contacts, tjey think i am crazy.

  167. Mark Says:


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